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   Chapter 2287 Intense Competition

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Even though Zen's blood vitality was very strong, he would not be able to withstand it, if he continued to bleed at such an alarming rate.

Moreover, Zen could think of no better option to deal with Nelly who had transformed into the Avenging Body.

"You were very arrogant about your recent victories. Let's see how long you can withstand this now!" He could hear Nelly's chilling voice coming through a distance. At the same time, her body mutated into a blood shadow and charged towards Zen once again.

Zen took a deep breath and started to gather his inner strength.


There was a massive sound as they collided against each other.

Zen was hit again and with the impact, he shot a great distance away. Blood was still gushing out from his arm. As for Nelly, her Avenging Body was blasted into a ball of blood again by Zen. However, the blood quickly gathered up the molecules to shape her body again.

If the current situation continued to prevail, he was bound to lose, sooner or later.

Zen was completely at his wits' end.

Moreover, Nelly didn't even give Zen time to strategize. She kept attacking him non-stop.

The impact of each collision was getting stronger.

Although he was not physically injured by the collision, he kept losing a lot of blood along the way. Soon, with the rapid blood loss, Zen started to feel dizzy.

On the other hand, Nelly was dead, physically. Even if Zen didn't destroy her Avenging Body, it would gradually disappear on its own. However, in the Arena of Legends, it didn't matter who died first. What mattered was the victory and defeat!

Zen finally understood the amazing combination of Nelly's Avenging Body and Blood Breaking Bite. If someone killed her first in the divine land, even if she successfully became an Avenging Body, they would still be able to run away from her.

However, things would be different if they were first hit by the Blood Breaking Bite. The blood in their body would continue to drain as long as they kept running away. If they didn't run away, they would have to fight the immortal Avenging Body. These two powerful skills were a genius combination.


Under another collision, Zen retreated back to a full distance of around 70 feet. As he lost more and more blood, the meridians in Zen's body became even more depleted. He couldn't even find the strength to operate.

As he grew more dizzy, his vision started to get blurry.

The Gods Killing Sword Array was a powerful skill in itself, but it obviously had no effect on Nelly in her current state!

"The Avenging Body was probably created by the fusion of the Murdering Godly Way and the Life Godly Way, along with the extraction of one's own blood. Anyways it is created by blood. What if I use the Blood Breaking Bite to deal with it myself?"

If Zen could leave a mark of the Blood Breaking Bite on Nelly's body, it would definitely drain her blood as well.

The problem was that th

Soon, Nelly's body was fully formed, but the mark left by Zen using the Blood Breaking Bite was still imprinted on her forehead.

"It's not enough yet, but I think it should be enough after a few more attempts." Zen suddenly smiled.

Although she couldn't see through Zen's blurry face, she could almost imagine his mocking smile. At the same time, the Buddha Emperor Sword had quietly appeared behind her head and smacked hard with its large, invisible blade.


As Nelly hit towards Zen, her body once again turned into a blood ribbon because of the Blood Breaking Bite. One end of the blood ribbon was only a few feet away from Zen.

This time, before the blood gathered into blood beads and shaped her body again, Zen summoned a pale blue flame.

"Ice Soul Flame!"

Zen seized the chance and banged heavily on the ground. An extremely cold aura quickly spread out, over the blood ribbon.

In the blink of an eye, the blood ribbon was covered with thick ice.

"Now show if you can recover this time!"

Actually, he did have doubts whether the Ice Soul Flame would do the trick of destroying the immortal Avenging Body.

Theoretically, even though the blood was frozen, the Avenging Body was still not destroyed. If that was the case, then he would have to stay in the arena and continue to fight it for days, months, or maybe even a few years!

Then the winner would never be determined, would it?

Fortunately, Zen's worry did not last too long. About five minutes later, the bloody wilderness slowly dissipated in front of his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, he returned back to his room and the wall in front of him had recorded another victory.

He had won now a total of 33 consecutive wins and his points had surpassed two million.

Since he hadn't lost in a single match, his name still did not appear on the ranking list. Otherwise, with his current points, he would have already been ranked ahead of many consummate True Gods.

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