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   Chapter 2286 The Avenging Body

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Nelly believed that she would be totally invincible after Zen was injured by the Blood Breaking Bite. Finally, it would be her time to shine!

However, it never occurred to her that she would be in grave danger in the very next moment.

A thought crossed her mind: 'The rumor is true.'

No wonder the Dongfang Clan was so eager to enlist Zen. One could have the Cross-world Theurgy only after they created a universe. If this was true, it meant that there was a possibility of a universe existing in the body of the anonymous man.

There was no way it could be viable, could it?

Regardless of whether this was possible or not, one thing was certain that the inner world of the anonymous man was very special. At least, it was the first time that this kind of a thing occurred in god knew how many divine eras.

Maybe the reason why the Dongfang Clan wanted to take the anonymous man back was that they wanted to study him, and not simply because they admired his talent.

The movements of the Long Vine Sword were very strange. The invisible power of the vines intertwined Nelly trapping her, and forcing her to use almost all her skills.

"Shadow Escape!"

Blood swelled in her eyes. Her speed more than doubled suddenly.

Even though she was imprisoned by the dense vines released by the Long Vine Sword, she was still like a nimble butterfly, creating an unpredictable trajectory by constantly shuttling about. She was being followed by the Buddha Emperor Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword.

In just a few seconds, Nelly was in great danger. The Buddha Emperor Sword had almost hit her on the head from the front, and the Heavenly Tooth Sword had left a bloody wound on her arm.

As for Zen, he paid close attention to the wound on his arm, and didn't fully engage the four swords.

If he used the full extent of his mind power to control the Gods Killing Sword Array, Nelly would be in more pain.

If Zen could absorb the Blood Breaking Bite, imprint a mark on his opponent's body, and then drive the Buddha Emperor Sword to chase her all the way, the opponent would be in pursuit until she died.

"But this theurgy seems to be more complicated. It should be a theurgy beyond two Godly Ways..." A golden light flickered in Zen's eyes, while the light on the Infinity Ruler too continued dancing.

Some moments later, the light on the ruler split into two parts, and one of these stopped at the Life Godly Way. Zen had already absorbed the Life Godly Way in the Heavenly Han House, but the Life Godly Way hidden in the Blood Breaking Bite was a completely different theurgy.

The second light stayed on another scale on which there was a small amount of red blood. It was the Murdering Godly Way!

"Blood is a fundamental component of life energy. The Life Godly Way knows everything about living beings... The Murdering Godly Way is an extreme path of killing. Tho

, Nelly's Avenging Body would also appear after she was killed. However, she could only use this skill once. Once the Avenging Body disappeared, Nelly would also die forever. Thus, this was a fatal tactic that could only be used once in her life.

However, Nelly could use it again and again in the Arena of Legends. It turned out that she was taking advantage of the loopholes in it.

"Shadow Escape!"


In an instant, Nelly turned into a blood light and zoomed toward Zen at an incredible speed.


Sitting on the ground, Zen gently lifted his finger. The Buddha Emperor Sword pierced through Nelly's blood body, but no matter how it went in and came out, or how many times he did it, it did not cause any harm to her.

'If it's really just all blood, I don't think that any amount of strength that she unleashes will do any harm to me, ' Zen speculated as he stared at Nelly's blood body.

When Nelly was getting closer and closer to Zen, he saw a faint blood light shining from the surface of her body. A strong power emitted from her body, and she went straight for Zen.

Unable to dodge, Zen had no option but to take it head on.

Zen's body far exceeded the strength of an ordinary True God so he wouldn't fall behind!


A muffled sound came through.

Thanks to the violent impact, Nelly turned into a ball of blood and flew away. The blood began transforming again and finally took shape of Nelly's features. There was a hint of mockery on her face.

Zen didn't suffer any major losses in this collision. Although Nelly's Avenging Body was very strong, it wouldn't cause much damage by crashing into Zen's physical body. However, during the collision, he had been pushed back about three hundred feet.

He sprayed blood across the three hundred feet because of the wound caused by the Blood Breaking Bite.

"Damn it! What bad luck..." Zen cursed! He was depressed now.

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