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   Chapter 2285 Blood Breaking Bite

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What kind of attitude did the Dongfang Clan hold toward the anonymous man? And how would the Han Clan react?

Anyway, all that had nothing to do with Nelly. Her goal was to earn points from the anonymous man.

Normally, no one would covet the anonymous man's points too much. The rankings of the Floating Islands usually changed every few decades. Even if someone managed to take the points of the anonymous man, they would then become the target of other warriors.

Although Nelly was temporarily ranked the first among the low-rank True Gods, there was no guarantee that she would always win.

Usually, the high points that a warrior gathered would slowly be diluted during the many battles.

But now, the situation was different. The final rankings of the Floating Islands were about to be released. Nelly had already finished her three compulsory battles this month. And if she defeated the anonymous man, she would get all his points. That way, her feat was equivalent to a consummate True God's in the Mu Clan. By then, her points would well exceed that of her sister Rachelle's.

The key was to defeat the anonymous man in front of her, and Nelly was well-prepared for this battle.

Within the energy that spread out from her body were two completely different forces.

One of the forces was the Murdering Godly Way.

In most powerful clans, warriors cultivated the Five Elements Godly Way.

However, the Mu Clan was different. The Godly Way that Murphy had mastered was the Murdering Godly Way, and ever since then, it was also this Godly Way that almost all of the warriors in the Mu Clan cultivated.

Rachelle had cultivated it, and so had Nelly.

However, there was a slight difference in the skillset of Nelly and that of her sister. When Nelly had been cultivating the Murdering Godly Way, she had grasped another kind of Godly Way at the same time—the Life Godly Way.

When she had first encountered this new Godly Way, Nelly had been a little confused. It wasn't unheard of for warriors from rich and powerful clans to comprehend several kinds of Godly Ways at the same time, but they would all finally choose one Godly Way as their major Godly Way while the others would be their auxiliary Godly Ways. But when Nelly had condensed her Godly Tile, she had somehow condensed a unique dual Godly Tile.

Her Godly Tile was split right in the middle. The left side was blood red while the right side was cyan green, and these two sides exuded two completely different auras.

As soon as her father Murphy had heard about this, he had gone to the Godly Way Tablet of the Life Godly Way to learn about it. Then, he had combined the Murdering Godly Way he had comprehended with the Life Godly Way to create the "theurgy beyond way" that was suitable for Nelly to cultivate.

The Murdering Godly Way and the Life Godly Way were two extremes, like fire and water. However, Murphy, who had been immersed in the Murdering Godly Way for countless divine eras, had figured out how to successfully combine the two Godly Ways. He had insisted that if Nelly succeeded in mastering the theurgy, then she would definitely

want to know how long you can survive my attacks without moving..."

But before she could finish her sentence, she saw some kind of energy reverberating around Zen. The streams of strength source were so heavy, that they distorted the space around him. Before long, four invisible swords appeared.

The Buddha Emperor Sword, the Heavenly Tooth Sword, and the Long Vine Sword floated horizontally in front of his chest, while the Grant Sun Sword circled above his head continuously to protect him.

Then, Zen said, "I want to know if I can kill you without moving."

"Gods Killing Sword Array! You've really mastered it..." Nelly's eyebrows twitched slightly, and a look of vigilance appeared on her face.

Once again, before Nelly could finish her words, Zen waved his hands gently and began to use the Separate Controlling of the Purple Aura Godly Way. The Buddha Emperor Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword became like twin stars in the sky, spiraling into the air and shooting down toward Nelly.

Meanwhile, the Long Vine Sword quietly disappeared into the ground. When it came out the next moment, there were countless invisible vines formed by strength condensed around it, and these vines were rushing toward Nelly!

The four swords of the Gods Killing Sword Array were working together to fight the enemy. The Long Vine Sword was mainly used to bind the enemy before the Buddha Emperor Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword came to kill the enemy. As for the Grant Sun Sword, which continued to hover above Zen's head, it was used to protect the owner.

This was the first time that Zen was defending himself against an enemy with a complete Gods Killing Sword Array. While simultaneously controlling the four swords with the Separate Controlling technique, he activated the Infinity Ruler with the internal momentum. Then, golden rings appeared in his eyes. He looked at the wound on his arm.

What Nelly had cultivated was the Murdering Godly Way, and Zen wanted to absorb it into the Infinity Ruler. Moreover, he wanted to know what the mysterious Blood Breaking Bite was.

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