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   Chapter 2284 A Small Advice

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The things the Holy Emperor did this year had puzzled many members of the Han Clan.

After they had become enemies with the Qin Clan, He also tried his best to please the Leng Clan and betrothed the Princess Royal to them.

Now, he even agreed to the dissolution of the Purple Soul Hall as requested by Alfredo!

What they didn't know was that Samuel himself forced Joy to dissolve the Purple Soul Hall and that Alfredo was actually under his jurisdiction.

On the day Joy and Alfredo quarreled, the former went to Samuel seeking justice but ended up going back to the Purple Soul Hall in silence.

The Time Sea's rules were not absolute. In the past, cases of revisions on the Ruling Slate abounded.

However, not every wealthy clan above the Time Sea had the ability to modify the rules.

The Han Clan's fortune that they accumulated over the years was only enough for them to slightly modify some words on the Ruling Slate.

On the other hand, the Dongfang Clan could afford to revise an entire rule.

Of course, rules couldn't be changed randomly. The Hall of Holy Beings still had restraints and each revision would only commence after many discussions among the clans.

Moreover, a rule that would only prove beneficial to the Dongfang Clan would cost them. For example, if they made it so that they could be the only Floating Island on the Time Sea, then they would need countless divine might coins. It would be impossible to afford.

This time, however, there was a big possibility for the Dongfang Clan to succeed in changing the rule. They had already obtained the approval of the Moon Clan and the Sword Clan.

... The union of nine wealthy clans was led by the Dongfang Clan. Though the Hall of Holy Beings was not ruled by the Dongfang Clan alone, they still occupied nine seats in the Hall of Holy Beings. The connections also ran deep: the Mu Clan and Zhou Clan were quite close, the Zhao Clan was in an amicable relationship with the Fang Clan, and the Tang Clan was close to the Li Clan.

The Dongfang Clan, to a certain extent, could control the entirety of the Hall of Holy Beings.

Challenging them would be tantamount to challenging the entire Hall of Holy Beings.

So long as the Dongfang Clan got the acquiescence of the Moon Clan and the Sword Clan, they could pass whatever revision they wanted and passing such a rule would no doubt have a far-reaching effect on all the wealthy clans.

To maintain the Han Clan's position, Samuel had to bow down to the powers above. This was the reason why he approached the Leng Clan.

He didn't really want to explain all of this to his daughter.

"You're too young. You will only understand in tim

enced in the cycles of life so they had great control over their emotions.

Having restrained his anger, Samuel sighed softly. "You can leave now. Let's talk about this some other day."

"Let's talk about this now!" Laquisha insisted.

However, her father simply waved his hand and released an invisible force, pushing her out of the palace. The gate also closed with a loud crash.

Laquisha trembled in anger in front of the palace. It took quite a while for her to calm down. At that moment, she suddenly thought of Joy, then she slowly left here.

In the Arena of Legends...

Zen stood in the middle of a bloody red plain.

This was exactly the space that was used when Harold challenged Rachelle.

After winning thirty-two consecutive fights, Zen now had 1.85 million points which far exceeded the amount Joy requested.

He accepted Nelly's challenge, as promised.

She slowly walked towards him with a smile. "It seems we will be on the same side in the future."

"What do you mean?" Zen asked.

"You will eventually join the Dongfang Clan in the future. Our Mu Clan is with the Dongfang Clan so we will naturally be on the same side," Nelly explained.

"What?" Zen could only repeat the question.

"It is a great honor to be liked by the Dongfang Clan. A lot of True Gods want to join their clan and there is no way to refuse if you are chosen by them. Pearl has a high status in the Dongfang Clan so it's not advisable to provoke her," Nelly continued.

"Are you going to persuade me for her?" Zen asked.

"Of course not. I'm just giving you some advice. It's also compensation for you once I win and collect all the points you've gotten so far," she said. Nelly then stretched out her white arms and let a red and green halo spread throughout her body.

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