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   Chapter 2283 Change

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Pearl's eyes were like two pools of anger as she stood perfectly still.

She was only a mere lobbyist in her clan.

Generally speaking, the powerful clans on the Floating Islands were ranked like a pyramid. The top three clans were far more powerful than the ordinary clans and were the ones that were completely in control.

In addition, only those three powerful clans were qualified to demand warriors from other ordinary clans, and the latter couldn't refuse.

What was worse was that they could dominate and oppress those clans if they wanted.

Back then, it was the Qian Clan that had been oppressed. They had offended the Dongfang Clan, but they did not have a direct conflict. However, the Dongfang Clan allied with several other clans to crush the Qian Clan in the Arena of Legends. Therefore, the Qian Clan's rank dropped sharply from their original thirteenth place, and soon fell out of the whole rankings. According to the rules, they had no choice but to evacuate the Time Sea and watch their Floating Island sink into the waters.

That said a lot about the dominant role of the top three clans in the Time Sea.

After Pearl had spent quite a while by the gate of Zen's room, she turned around and left. Just as she was about to leave the Hall of True Gods for her room, a voice said, "He shouldn't be a direct disciple of the Han Clan. The warriors of humble origin are always very disobedient."

Pearl turned and looked coldly at a grinning Nelly. In turn, she stepped back a little in fear that she might take her anger out on her. "You're right. He is from the Han Clan, but they did not train him. It's useless to threaten an arrogant guy like him," she responded.

Then, she turned to Laquisha and said, "Ask your elders to give me the anonymous man."

In reality, Laquisha was already annoyed at the fact that Pearl looked down upon her clan, so she replied coldly, "Why?"

"Because of the reputation of my clan," said Pearl.

"But we don't necessarily have the anonymous man," Laquisha stressed. She thought about the strong influence of the Dongfang Clan on the Time Sea, so she said what she had said for her clan to be considered.

However, Pearl shook her head and said, "I think Joy knows very well whether he belongs to your clan or not.

Forget it, it's useless to talk to you. I will just go to your clan and personally ask for him some other time."

When she was done, she gently pushed open the door to her room and disappeared in front of everyone.

The top disciples of the powerful clans in the Hall of True Gods bowed their heads down and filled the area with whispers. None of them had thought that the Han Clan would offend the Dongfang Clan because of the anonymous man.

They strong

hold the illusory sword in their hands all the time.

Nonetheless, Laquisha didn't try to persuade her father and instead added, "Now that he has won 31 consecutive wins, his points should have risen to about 1.6 million."

"Oh? Those are higher than Alfredo's points."

Alfredo, a consummate True God and the leader of his clan, only had 1.26 million points in the Arena of Legends. Moreover, he had recently lost an open battle.

Samuel was overjoyed. It was a great fortune for his clan to have such a talented disciple.

"But today, Pearl suddenly appeared in the Hall of True Gods. She demanded the anonymous man to join her clan," his daughter disclosed.

As Samuel heard those words, his smile quickly faded. He surely wasn't afraid of a little girl like Pearl. However, since the Dongfang Clan sent Pearl to make such a demand, it meant that they had already noticed the anonymous man.

"What did the anonymous man say?" he asked.

"He asked her to fuck off," Laquisha said with a little smile.

Samuel frowned. "Then why did you come here today?"

"Can you refuse the request if the Dongfang Clan asks you for the anonymous man?" Laquisha sincerely asked. Her father had always catered to her wants ever since she was a child. This time, she hoped that he would agree again.

Meanwhile, Samuel remained quiet for a while and sighed heavily. "The truth is, I, as well as our clan, have been worried over the years. You are still young, so I don't want you to worry. If the anonymous man is really from our clan, I'm afraid I can't refuse the Dongfang Clan when they come."

"Why? You know, he will make a great contribution to our clan!" Laquisha responded a bit heatedly. Yet, Samuel stood firm and shook his head.

"It's because the Time Sea is going to change again," he said in a serious voice.

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