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   Chapter 2282 Dongfang Clan

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"Her name is Pearl Dongfang, ranked second in the Hall of True Gods," Quentin answered.

'Pearl Dongfang?'

Zen knew he heard this name before but hadn't paid that much attention to it.

Currently, the top three low-rank True Gods in the Hall of True Gods were as follows: Nelly Mu, Pearl Dongfang, and Laquisha Han.

They were all women which hadn't really happened before.

Harold also mentioned Dongfang Clan in his speech earlier. This clan ranked first among the Floating Islands. Zen hadn't come in contact with any of the low-rank True Gods of the Dongfang Clan yet.

Since they were ranked first, it was only natural to assume that the Dongfang Clan had very high points at their disposal. Zen couldn't be too sure though since he never met any of them as he fought his way up the Hall of True Gods.

"Why does she want to see me?" he asked. He didn't really know this so-called Pearl Dongfang after all.

Quentin shook his head. "I don't know. I'm just here to deliver a message. You can go ask her if you want. I admit defeat now."

With their battle ended, Zen immediately made his way to the door.

From the doorway, he had a good view of the spiraling rooms in the Hall of True Gods. The height he was on indicated that he was almost at its peak.

Each time he pushed open the door of his room, a crowd always awaited him which always caught him by surprise.

A few True Gods simply stared at him in silence, not daring to come close, including Laquisha and Nelly, while a woman stood beside the door, waiting with a calm expression.

This woman's face was covered with light blue gauze, revealing only her eyes that reflected a faint ray of light. Despite having her face covered, her eyes were terribly expressive and were enough to convey a thousand words to anyone who looked into them.

"You're finally out," she said.

"Are you Pearl Dongfang?" Zen asked.

The woman smiled and nodded in reply.

Pearl Dongfang rarely came to the Hall of True Gods during this period of time. She heard about the anonymous man but never really had the chance to come into contact with him since he never went out of his room.

Her status on the Floating Islands was far beyond Zen's imagination.

As Quentin emphasized, her words were law. A mere statement from her was absolute and could not be disobeyed. He didn't fight Zen seriously and merely imparted what Pearl wanted him to say because she ordered him to.

Under normal circumsta

ter than Mike who had been so excellent many years ago. Mike was one of the few who refused to bow down to the Dongfang Clan, but he ended up dying.

As Zen looked into Pearl's beautiful eyes, he saw nothing but contempt.

He had already joined the Purple Soul Hall and even if he wasn't in the Floating Islands, he would still refuse the invitation. There was a ten-second pause as the two of them stared each other down. Then, Zen broke the silence with a chuckle. "I don't know if it's because I didn't make myself clear or if there's something wrong with your head. Whatever the case, I can only tell you these two words."

"What?" Pearl asked.

Zen's nose flared. "Fuck off!" he exclaimed before going back into his room and slamming the door shut in his wake.

The Hall of True Gods was rendered completely silent.

It had been many years since the Dongfang Clan rose into power. Their disciples were even more distinguished than other warriors and everyone else was extremely cautious when dealing with them.

However, this anonymous man just scolded Pearl, even insinuating that there was something wrong with her head. It was a very big offense.

The anonymous man, in effect, had just signed his own death sentence for having gone against the Dongfang Clan.

None of them were aware of the fact that Zen was already set on leaving the Floating Islands, as per Harold's suggestion.

Nelly was extremely surprised by how things turned out, not expecting the anonymous man to be so bold.

Laquisha, meanwhile, was delighted and couldn't help but notice the anonymous man's temperament to be completely in line with Zen's.

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