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   Chapter 2281 Passing A Message

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Shahn had gotten wind of news about the anonymous man.

Anonymity aside, it was indeed a miracle to be able to obtain twenty-three consecutive wins in challenging warriors at higher levels.

Only a few select people had been able to do this in the history of the Arena of Legends.

"Even he is an anonymous man, it should be impossible for him to do what you just said." Shahn stretched out one hand, and an invisible power was condensed again. Then he threw it lightly, and the power began to rapidly disappear.

Power had only been a description at the beginning. But after the activation of the Eight Path Platforms, it was transformed into pure energy and stored. An interruption of supply would mean the depletion of someone's power, and only by the Cross-world Theurgy would they able to extract power from their body, keeping the power from weakening.

"A proving godly warrior and the Cross-world Theurgy? I can't believe it." Shahn shook his head.

Across him, Yilia looked annoyed. "Have I ever lied to you?"

"No," smiled Shahn. "But you are spewing nonsense."

This earned him several punches from Yilia. "The shape of that sword was a little odd. Its handle resembled the Maitreya Buddha while the body looked like a wheel. And after it made contact with blood, the blood formed the word kill..."

"Kill?" Shahn questioned, eyebrows raised.

"It's the Buddha Emperor Sword, the unique skill of the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan."

Joy's Gods Killing Sword Array was famous in the divine land, plus, the shape of the Buddha Emperor Sword was very special. It was practically a giveaway.

It dawned on the siblings at the same time. "The Han Clan!"

"The anonymous man came from the Purple Soul Hall," Shahn said calmly.

"Interesting! You're finally exposed!" Compared to Shahn's calm reaction, Yilia was excited.

After defeating Yilia, Zen immediately chose the next opponent.

The top warriors in the divine land were all gathered in the Floating Islands. Whatever method he used would be spread quickly.

His next opponent was Sam Zhao, who ranked 176th.

Like Yilia, he'd been elated to be chosen by Zen, however, his excitement did not last very long.

Zen had absorbed the Five Elements Godly Way which Sam also cultivated. He tried to force Sam to use the theurgy beyond way, but Sam seemed to have cultivated the Godly Way step by step without inheriting any theurgy beyond way from his clan. So when Sam thought that he had the upper hand in the battle, Zen took out the Buddha Emperor Sword and killed him without hesitation.

Twenty four consecutive wins! Six hundred and ten thousand points!

Nearly one hundred and fifty thousand points would be gained when he defeated a low-rank True God, almost as many points as one would get defeating a consummate True God. It was appalling.

Zen returned to his room, calm and at ease, and chose another name from the list.

"Go on!"

As Zen challenged opponent after opponent, the low-rank True Gods of th

than Zen's. After activating his Godly Tile, he had indeed displayed a powerful theurgy.

He was able to control the invisible Buddha Emperor Sword by using the Cyan Wood Godly Way to make special willows.

With the Buddha Emperor Sword restrained, Zen took out the Heavenly Tooth Sword without hesitation.

If the Buddha Emperor Sword was used to kill, the Heavenly Tooth Sword was mainly used to hunt, which would usually bring destruction upon the opponent. Under the hunt of the Heavenly Tooth Sword, Quentin's defense was instantly broken.

However, before any more damage could be inflicted, Quentin suddenly shouted, "Wait! I still have something to say."

The two swords immediately halted in front of Quentin. Zen frowned, curious at the sudden interruption. Warriors in the Arena of Legends didn't really die, so his opponent wouldn't beg for mercy, would he?

"I wanted to tell you at the start. You didn't even give me a chance," Quentin said gloomily. "Someone requested me to tell you to go out of your room and meet with her in the Hall of True Gods."

It turned out, Zen never left his room. The people in the Hall of True Gods didn't have the chance to talk to him and could only send him messages this way. However, Zen immediately fought Quentin as soon as they met, never giving him the chance to speak.

For Quentin, losing to Zen was not a big deal. But it was certainly a huge deal if he couldn't relay the message successfully.

"The person who asked you to pass the message was sure that I will challenge you?" Zen asked curiously.

"Of course not," Quentin answered. "But she did inform the top one hundred and thirty True Gods from whom you might choose one."

Zen frowned. "Who is it?"

The True Gods at the top of the rankings all had extraordinary backgrounds. Most of them were direct descendants of wealthy clans. Who had the influence to do so?

Zen chewed on his lip. Even if Nelly ranked first, it was still impossible for her to do that, wasn't it?

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