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   Chapter 2280 Triumph

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The real Buddha Emperor Sword had blood grooves on the body, and the word "kill" was carved in the wheel.

After the opponent was killed, the blood would flow along the blood grooves and fuse with the word "kill". With the divine textures around, more malicious aura would be condensed.

As per Joy's strict instructions, Zen restored all the details of the Buddha Emperor Sword, including the word "kill", which was floating in the air.

Yilia stared at the sword in front of her with surprise.

In fact, Zen had used the Cross-world Theurgy before, but no one had recognized it. After all, no one could even imagine that a proving godly warrior could use the skill of a Holy Being.

Besides, back then, Zen had used the most basic skill of the theurgy without having a deep understanding of Power Shaping.

"This is the Power Shaping of the Might Godly Way!" Yilia stared incredulously at the Buddha Emperor Sword. The power was invisible, so she could only see a vague outline of the sword. And yet, at the same time, she could see her blood flowing slowly along the blood grooves, forming the word "kill".

"This is not right at all!" she exclaimed. Then, she added in a low voice, "The power can't be separated from your body! And even if it can, once it's broken by my Parting Water Divine Mirror, it should be completely impossible for you to shape anything again. How did you do that?"

The passageway that Yilia had opened just now had disappeared, leaving Zen completely submerged in water and unable to speak. When he heard her words of surprise, he just shrugged his shoulders and, with a light flick of his index finger, sent the Buddha Emperor Sword flying forward until it pierced through Yilia's head.


Yilia was instantly killed on contact. The Parting Water enveloping Zen disintegrated and gushed out around him like a torrent. It was a spectacular scene to watch.

However, the Parting Water did not completely dissipate. A scale on the Infinity Ruler in Zen's mind had already lit up faintly. He slightly raised his hand, causing some of the Parting Water to turn into crystal water swords and float up.

If Yilia had seen this, she would have been even more shocked.

"The Parting Water Godly Way can only be employed in a place with water. That's why Yilia chose such a foggy environment.

If I'm not around water, I guess I'll have to find another way to employ this Godly Way. Otherwise, the theurgy of the Parting Water Godly Way might be greatly weakened."


With a slight shake of Zen's finger, one of the glittering and translucent water swords turned black. It was the Devouring Spirit Turbid Current of the Parting Water Godly Way. As Zen gently moved his finger, the black water sword shot toward him and immediately corroded his arm.

"As I expected, this Devouring Spirit Turbid Current can restrain all kinds of magic weapons, and it also has an effect on my physical body. No wonder she was so confident earlier! However, this theurgy doesn't mean much to me. On the other hand, the Parting Water Div

t. The palm print was so erratic that it finally hit the wall and disappeared. "It's not a difficult thing to do. Most of the True Gods who focus on cultivating the Might Godly Way can do it."

Although Shahn hadn't cultivated the Might Godly Way much, he had condensed the Nine Divine Stars; he was just unable to put them into his inner world. Anyway, it wasn't difficult for him to hit the wall with a formidable strike like that.

But unexpectedly, Yilia shook her head and said, "That's not what I mean. My opponent made use of Power Shaping to form a flying sword..."

Before she could finish speaking, Shahn struck the wall again, but this time with an invisible sword which had been formed from the strength source. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's not difficult."

"Can you let me finish?" Yilia glared at Shahn. Then, she continued, "After he detached the flying sword from his body, he managed to control it freely. Then, after I smashed it with my Parting Water Divine Mirror, he managed to shape it in the air again."

At these words, a mixture of bewilderment and disbelief appeared on Shahn's face. He shook his head immediately and said, "That's impossible. The power can't be controlled freely after being shaped into an object. It would rapidly weaken. You might not have clearly seen what happened, or he might have used another kind of theurgy. It can't be the Power Shaping. As for the skill you just described, only a Holy Being can do it with the Cross-world Theurgy. Even I can't do that at my present level."

"Really? Well, I thought I made a mistake. But he really did it..." Yilia uttered with a smile of admiration.

"Who?" Shahn asked with confusion. In fact, although Yilia looked serious and utterly sure about her words, Shahn still doubted what she had said. Yilia's opponent was just a low-rank True God, so there was no way he could have been able to do that.

"It was that anonymous man who challenged me today. And what I just described was the method he used to triumph over me," said Yilia.

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