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   Chapter 2279 Buddha Emperor Sword

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Standing not too far away was Yilia, looking at Zen mischievously.

Countless raindrops were gathering in the space. They transformed into short swords and shot towards Zen, making the water ball surrounding him grow bigger and bigger.

For a while, she looked Zen up and down before suddenly lowering her head and saying, "Come to think of it, it's meaningless for me to defeat you."

Her voice seemed obscure over the thick layer of water. Zen was puzzled, wondering what she really meant.

She walked toward the water ball slowly and tapped its surface with her finger, triggering a small whirlpool to appear on its surface. It continued spinning until it formed a fist-sized hollow passageway, directly penetrating to Zen's head. She had brilliantly mastered the control of water.

"The divine land is rather boring. It's not easy to find a warrior who has won twenty-two consecutive times. It's quite a pity that you will lose to me," said Yilia as she smiled at the passageway.

"Are you sure you can defeat me?" Zen asked in return.

Though he couldn't speak in the water, because his head was in the passageway, he could still make a sound.

In spite of him being restrained by the water, it was impossible for her to use it to kill him. 'She's not going to drown me, is she?'

With a confident smile, she replied, "Since I managed to trap you, naturally, I have the ability to kill you as well. So tell me, do you want to defeat me?"

"What's the point? So what if I say I want to defeat you?" Zen asked.

"Well then… Tell me your real identity and which clan you come from, will you?" With her hands clasped behind her back, she continued with a smile, "If you can tell me the truth, it won't be impossible for me to admit defeat."

Hearing this, Zen put on a strange expression.

What were those disciples from the divine land thinking about all day? This Yilia seemed completely normal. Why would she make such a strange request?

"Don't you care about the points?" Zen asked again.

"Points? Of course I care," she smiled. "If I defeat you, I'll get a lot of points. Even my brother will think highly of me. But what's the use? There's no point in moving our Floating Island one place up."

Yilia's brother, Shahn Fang, was the one who won two consecutive victories in the open battles. This time, the Fang Clan had risen rapidly—it had been estimated that the Fang Clan, ranked sixth in the past, might reach the fifth or fourth place this time.

"Think about this carefully. An anonymous man appeared out of nowhere. I think it will be more interesting to let you remain undefeated." Yilia's face was filled with loneliness as she said, "This divine land is so boring."

The highest level of creatures' pursuit was the eternity.

From the mortals in the universes to the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, and to the Supreme Lords, they all pursued a longer life span to get rid of the control of time.

But whether it was the Supreme Lord who had a lifespan of over a hundred million years or the mortal who had a lifespan of about 60 to 70 years, none of th


When Zen's eyes instantly saw through the internal momentum within the Godly Way, he was left to unscramble it in his mind.

Noticing Devouring Spirit Turbid Current's remarkable power, Zen didn't hesitate at all.

The Nine Divine Stars within his inner world began revolving rapidly until an invisible force gushed out. The sword handle seemed to be a Maitreya Buddha with the sword's middle part as wide as a wheel.

It was the Buddha Emperor Sword…

The killing sword in the Gods Killing Sword Array.

It didn't take Zen four swords to kill Yilia. So now, Zen took out this one sword.


Since Zen controlled only one single sword, he didn't need to activate the Purple Aura Godly Way. As soon as he made a thought, the Buddha Emperor Sword broke through the water rapidly and shot toward Yilia. The Buddha Emperor Sword was created by Power Shaping, and the Parting Water caused it no hindrance at all.

"This sword..."

At this moment, Yilia's eyes were filled with surprise.

"Parting Water Divine Mirror!"

Realizing that things weren't going well, Yilia clapped her hands, creating a piece of water mirror. The Parting Water Divine Mirror was also a powerful theurgy. The Parting Water could transform into anything, and the Parting Water Divine Mirror could clone anything reflected onto it rapidly and shoot it back.


An identical Buddha Emperor Sword shot out from the Parting Water Divine Mirror.


Two Buddha Emperor Swords collided in the air, both falling apart in an instant.

But Yilia's power was limited after all. It was impossible for the Parting Water Divine Mirror to perfectly copy the theurgy of her opponent. After the sword dissipated, it disappeared while Zen's Buddha Emperor Sword once again took shape.

With a clang, the Buddha Emperor Sword was smashed into Yilia's mirror. It was already pressed against her white neck and then it pierced right into her. Blood slowly flowed along the invisible sword, converging on the wheel in the middle of the sword, forming the word, 'kill.'

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