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   Chapter 2278 The Parting Water

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When he noticed the scene on the wall, Zen fell speechless.

In other words, he no longer had the need to find an opponent at random. All he needed to do was accept any True God's challenge. He could have his pick among the one hundred and ninety-five warriors.

"How fucking weak do I really look if everyone wants to challenge me?" Zen touched his nose shyly and forced a smile.

On the contrary though, the one hundred and ninety-five people who had challenged him didn't actually think Zen was weak at all.

The Hall of True Gods had a very reasonable system, in fact. Through constantly adjusting the warriors' rankings, the system could accurately show a True God's genuine strength.

Of course, Zen's situation was completely different. From the very first day he entered the Jade Wall of Legends, never had he been defeated. No one knew his true ranking, and there was no record of this anonymous man in the Jade Wall of Legends. He was currently ranked 96th, according to his room's position.

"Since I can simply choose my own opponent, I better choose the weakest one."

Zen reached out his hand and his finger grazed the names on the wall. These names were all inscribed neatly in front of him. Finally, his finger came to a stop on someone's name, someone who ranked 196th. This warrior was named Yilia Fang.

The strength gap between any two warriors among the top two hundred wasn't very large.

In order to benefit from the most possible consecutive wins, Zen would naturally choose the weakest opponent. What he wasn't really aware of though, was that his opponent wouldn't really be weak.

In the Hall of True Gods

The competition that would decide the Floating Islands' rankings had reached its peak intensity.

A few of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands had estimated that their points would be beneficial to them, and they thus convinced many of their disciples to avoid accepting challenges so as to prevent being defeated and losing their points.

Other wealthy clans thought that their rankings would ultimately be lowered, so they naturally forced their disciples to fight in the Hall of True Gods in order to gain more points.

The Fang Clan's Floating Island ranked sixth in the Time Sea, but it had great ambition. The top three powerful clans, the Dongfang Clan, the Sword Clan, and the Moon Clan, had unshakable positions, and the Fang Clan was unable to deal with them. Yet, with an immense effort from the Fang Clan, they had respectable chances of defeating the Leng Clan. For this reason, the Fang Clan's True Gods were currently very active in the Hall of True Gods.

Today, Yilia Fang was also looking for her opponents in the Hall of True Gods. She had already won four consecutive wins herself, rising from the 247th ranking to the 196th. Following such a success, she immediately launched a challenge to the anonymous man.

The anonymous man carried such an incredible number of points. If the anonymous man accepted her challenge and she won against him, she would equally gain a huge amount of points. Furthermore, her contribut

rain didn't flow down onto the ground. Instead, it was actually glued to his body.

Realizing how strange this was, Zen shook his body lightly in an attempt to get the water off him. However, the rain stuck to his body like paste, and no matter how hard he shook, he failed to make it come off.

"This water is very strange," Zen murmured, frowning slightly. He had a feeling that something bad was about to happen, and took action without a second's more delay.

When Zen faced Moore Moon, Zen had almost lost to him. These talents from wealthy clans all had very special tricks up their sleeves. Upon remembering this, Zen suddenly flashed and rushed toward Yilia Fang.

"You didn't notice anything wrong until now? It's too late!"

Yilia Fang stood on tiptoe, and her body quickly slid backward. On a street full of rain, she continued retreating, bringing up bursts of water flowers with every step.

The water splashed out as it equally turned into a short sword, shooting toward Zen.

Zen didn't go too far. More and more rain clung to his body, weighing him down. He couldn't get rid of the thick layer of water. It was even blocking Zen's speed now. How could he catch up with Yilia Fang with so much water slowing him down?

"Burn it out!" Zen frowned and a flame emitted itself from his body. The blazing, orange flame was immediately extinguished the second it shot out.

"The Parting Water can conquer all kinds of fire, not to mention that your flame hasn't even fully developed yet." Yilia Fang shook her head. "I may as well tell you that you can't break out from the Parting Water's grasp with your strength alone. I'm curious to discover what else you have to resist me with."

As she spoke, the rain water that was hitting Zen's body formed a water ball of at least ten feet in height, tightly wrapping itself around him.

The Parting Water was a thousand times heavier than ordinary rain water. Zen simply couldn't exert his strength beneath such dead weight. He had no choice but to accept the fact that he was indeed trapped.

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