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   Chapter 2277 A Hundred And Ninety-five Challengers (Part Two)

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"The Golden Beast Statue is a real gem. Its full body was made from a special material, and it can transform into the shapes of thousands of beasts. After refining it, the user can skillfully resist the low-rank True Gods with it. But to you, I believe it isn't of much use as you can already defeat most of the low-rank True Gods easily. Therefore, I was wondering what use it is to you?" Her eyes lit up with curiosity.

"Well, I just have a liking for it," Zen said.

Joy nodded but didn't quite believe Zen. He must have known something about the Golden Beast Statue, but since he didn't want to discuss it, she didn't pursue the subject.

Zen smiled triumphantly as she left.

The mud tray at the bottom of the Golden Beast Statue was of great importance to him.

Zen knew that he had to prove his Godly Way before he went to the Everest Spirit Mountain. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to enter the Cloud Dragon Ravine.

The mud at the bottom of the Golden Beast Statue was present in great amount, but he was not sure whether it was enough for him to smoothly condense his Godly Tile.

Zen gave the Golden Beast Statue one last glance and finally put it away.

He knew that he still had to fight against the low-rank True Gods. If he made a breakthrough in his cultivation base and became a low-rank True God himself, he wouldn't be able to earn a great deal of points by fighting other low-rank True Gods. Therefore, he decided to absorb the mud after the rankings of the Floating Islands were determined.

He had thirteen days before the rankings of the Floating Islands were to be decided.

This led to an increase in the number of open battles in the Arena of Legends.

t of the powerful clans. However, Hallet's and Augustus' efforts were enough to rank the Gu Clan's Floating Island eighth in the Time Sea.

People said that if Augustus and Hallet were on the Floating Island of some other wealthy clan, that clan would have been in the top three.

However, Hallet and Augustus were nowhere to be seen this year. And the ranking of the Gu Clan was at risk of falling out of the top ten, if they decided not to fight in the Arena of Legends.

Three days remained before the rankings of the Floating Islands were to be decided.

Zen finally entered the Jade Wall of Legends. While in his own room, he noticed that there were one hundred and ninety-five low-rank True Gods that had challenged him to battle.

According to the rules of the Hall of True Gods, only the warriors who were ranked one to a hundred places higher or lower than Zen could challenge him. Zen was ranked 96th and only ninety-five warriors were ranked higher than him, and one hundred and ninety-five low-rank True Gods had offered to fight with him, which meant that everyone who was eligible to challenge Zen did so.

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