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   Chapter 2276 A Hundred And Ninety-five Challengers (Part One)

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Hearing the boy's words, Augustus was quite confused. "What do you mean? Has Zen already ascended to the divine land? And is he currently on one of the Floating Islands?" he asked in confusion.

The boy threw a sharp look at Augustus. "If Zen had ascended to the divine land, then his ascension must have been guided by a member of the Jiang Clan. Do you think those Holy Beings would let him go? Why do you think Harold has been giving so much trouble to the Jiang Clan in the recent times?" he asked, his voice rising.

"Oh yes!" Augustus patted his forehead.

Although he was much more talented than his senior fellow disciple in terms of cultivation, he was quite slow as far as analyzing a situation was concerned.

Augustus then said, "So he entered the divine land in an illegal way. Since Zen is on one of the Floating Islands now, how about we bring him here? I will train him personally, and he is sure to make a rapid progress."

"Augustus, can you really find him? Do you really think that he is as careless as you are? Let's just say that you found him, then what? Do you think that you can keep him safe on the Gu Clan's Floating Island?" The boy said impatiently, his tone indicated that he perceived Augustus as an ignorant person.

Bormley had been roaming the boundless chaos for countless years without coming back. If Zen entered the Gu Clan's Floating Island and the Holy Beings wanted to take him away, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Although Zen knew that he was quite close to his two senior fellow disciples, Augustus and Hallet, he had no intentions of going to the Gu Clan's Floating I

treasure do you wish to acquire?" Joy asked with a smile. She thought of Zen as a stubborn fellow. She knew that he wouldn't ask her for help even if he needed it desperately.

It was quite true that Zen didn't like asking for help, no matter how dire the circumstances were. He had no plans of asking Joy for help.

"I want the Golden Beast Statue. After I accumulate enough points, I'm going to—" Joy interrupted Zen midway through his speech and said, "Hold on." She gave her waist a sudden twist and disappeared.

A few seconds later she reappeared, making her way towards Zen. She had something in her hands.

Clang! She threw the mysterious object in her hands on the ground.

The Golden Beast Statue lay right in front of Zen.

He looked at the statue with astonishment. It was as big as a fully-grown human being. He didn't expect Joy to fetch the statue just for him.

Zen examined the Golden Beast Statue. He had an intense awareness in his inner world again. The target of the consciousness of his inner world was the mud at the bottom of the Golden Beast Statue.

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