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   Chapter 2275 Imprisoned

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In the Mu Clan's place, the door of the God-killing Hall swung open with a loud bang.

The guards on both sides of the gate knelt down on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, Rachelle left the Mu Clan's Floating Island like a ghost.

The guards exchanged glances with each other and began discussing in low voices.

"Miss Mu was quite confident this time, wasn't she?"

"But she has still been defeated by Harold. Alas, things will not be good for her in the following days."

"Everyone should be so careful from now on."

They all knew that Rachelle had a bad temper.

After leaving the Floating Island, Rachelle stepped on the transparent disk and floated up into the air. Flying was forbidden in the Time Sea and all warriors were banned from using the spatial transference. Even if she reached the consummation of True God Realm, she could not break this rule.

As she traveled through the thick fog, a dark mountain came into view in front of her.

The mountain was a hundred thousand feet high and it was very steep.

Halfway up the mountain stood a huge slate which represented the highest rule of the divine land. It was the Ruling Slate.

The slate connected the entire mountain with lightning that seemed ordinary but contained strong power that even Holy Beings could not resist.

Under normal circumstances, no one could climb the mountain or approach the slate.

Rachelle didn't travel toward the top of the mountain. After looking up at the slate, she moved to the back of the mountain and entered a huge cave.

In the cave, a figure in a silver robe was bound by the lightning and could not move at all. It was none other than Murphy, who had broken the rules of the slate. After he had attacked the Evolutionary Universe, the Ruling Slate had trapped Murphy in the cave as punishment.

"Father!" Rachelle shouted.

"You've lost?" Murphy asked indifferently.

He knew his daughter's character very well. Judging from the subtle difference in her voice, he could tell that Rachelle had been defeated.

"Yes." Rachelle nodded, showing a little grievance on her face. But that grievance disappeared in an instant. She already had a cultivation at the consummation of True God Realm and was the hope of the Mu Clan. She could not let herself display any negative emotions in front of others, not even her own father.

"I guess Harold has made some progress on his strength again," Murphy said. Then, he shook his head and added, "He has indeed benefitted a lot from the Everest Spirit Mountain."

Recalling the strength that Harold had shown, Rachelle felt a chill run down her spine. However, it was no longer important. "Father, Harold has taken complete control of the Everest Spirit Mountain. He announced in the Arena of Legends that the Mu Clan can never step into the Everest Spirit Mountain again."


Murphy shouted in shock.

He knew better than anyone how much the Mu Clan would be affected if the Everest Spirit Mountain was closed off to it. "Is the Mu Clan the only clan that isn't allowed to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain?" he asked, holding his breath in apprehension.

"No. The Tang Clan and the Dongfan

ed eighth, was a bit smaller.

There were only a few thousand people in total on the Gu Clan's Floating Island. Among the 36 Floating Islands, the Gu Clan's had the smallest population.

Bromley did not like to accept disciples, and the Gu Clan did not have many descendants. On top of that, outsiders were not allowed to enter the Gu Clan's Floating Island. With all these limitations, there was barely any growth in the number of people living here.

After watching the fight between Harold and Rachelle, Augustus left the Jade Wall of Legends. He traveled through the clouds and the mist, and then jumped into a unique courtyard and spoke to his senior fellow disciple. "Hey! Did you watch the open battle between Harold and Rachelle?"

There was a boy in the courtyard carrying an emerald green fishing rod. Under the ray of light that hit the water from the rod, there was a blue fish biting on the bait.

The boy was not fishing; instead, he was feeding the fish.

However, Augustus's roar startled the fish, and it hurriedly swam away.

"Yes, I did," the boy replied impatiently as he glared at Augustus and threw the fishing rod aside.

"Harold has become more powerful again, and also very domineering. He seems completely different from what he used to be." Augustus sighed.

The boy glanced at him but did not say anything. Harold's quick progress was indeed beyond his expectations.

Since the boy stayed silent, Augustus continued, "Do you think that he was hinting for us to enter the Cloud Dragon Ravine when he spoke at the Arena of Legends? I think that he can't pass through the Cloud Dragon Ravine on his own, so he wants us to help him. Don't you think so?" At this thought, Augustus giggled.

"Dream on," the boy said coldly. He then looked at the pool in front of him and said, "It's about to begin!"

"What is going to begin?" Augustus asked in confusion upon hearing his senior fellow disciple's strange words.

"Harold's words might have been a hint to our junior fellow disciple." The boy narrowed his eyes. "We're also going to take action. We can't fall behind Harold."

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