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   Chapter 2274 A Hint

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Harold pondered for a moment and then said, "After this re-ranking of the Floating Islands, the members of the Zhao Clan, the Liu Clan, the Qin Clan, the Mu Clan, the Tang Clan, the Leng Clan and the Dongfang Clan are strictly not allowed to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain."

His voice sounded very calm.

However, this caused a stir among the True Gods present there.

"What are you saying? That's impossible!"

"Why can't we enter the Everest Spirit Mountain?"

"Harold, are you out of your mind? Your mere words can't stop us from entering the mountain. What a joke!"

The True Gods of all the ranks were visibly upset with Harold's decision.

They were not convinced at all and believed that they had every right to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain.

On the contrary, members of other clans, such as the Han Clan and the Zhou Clan were undeterred by this decision. They were secretly pleased instead.

The forbidden lands meant a great deal to the powerful clans on the Floating Islands as they provided them with a foundation to gain a foothold.

The forbidden lands consisted of the massive divine might coins and rare mineral resources. Over the years, the powerful clans had explored thoroughly the forbidden lands, and the competition was fierce among them. Their disciples would fight with each other every time the forbidden lands were opened. Although the safety of anyone who went there wasn't guaranteed, all the clans and the True Gods went there without much hesitation.

The Everest Spirit Mountain was one of the four great forbidden lands, and it wasn't as dangerous as the rest of the forbidden lands.

The Soul Wilderness was quite mysterious and changeable as far as the four forbidden lands were concerned, and the Swirl Forest was full of fierce animals. The Abyss Demon Region was the most dangerous one. There was a slim chance of survival even for the top-rank True Gods who went there. It was quite common for the consummate True Gods and the Demi-holy Beings to die there.

Therefore, the Everest Spirit Mountain was of great value and importance to all the powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

"The Zhao Clan, the Liu Clan, the Qin Clan, the Mu Clan..." Zen muttered to himself.

He took a mental note of all the powerful clans Harold had mentioned earlier.

Murphy wasn't able to destroy the Luo Clan alone. His clan was way too weak to compete with Zen's clan, so the above-mentioned clans must have worked together with Murphy in order to wipe out the Luo Clan.

"If the members of the Han Clan, the Moon Clan, the Sword Clan and the Gu Clan wish to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain, I will take it upon myself to open the Cloud Dragon Ravine

ppeared quite furious and enraged.

"What are we going to do about Harold?" Clark roared.

The Tang Clan developed quite swiftly over the divine eras. Their rank increased from twenty-sixth to ninth. This was due to the Everest Spirit Mountain. Among the powerful clans, they knew the mountain quite well and had gathered a great deal of information about the mountain. Whenever the Everest Spirit Mountain was opened, their disciples always reaped the most.

Therefore, Clark was the first Holy Being to lose his temper in the Arena of Legends.

"You didn't kill Harold when you had the chance. Now he has gained control over the Everest Spirit Mountain. Do you regret it now?" A calm voice came.

"We won't compromise with Harold. Didn't you see him make that gesture? He has been saving his strength for a while now. Now he is about to make some big moves."

"He is also good at making plans just like Mike. He must have been fully prepared by now."

"I wonder which clan and person he targets." The Holy Beings had no clue as to what the future held.

"No matter what kind of trap he sets, can he really flatten the Floating Islands? He's just bragging and showing off his position. It isn't necessarily our loss if we give up a forbidden land. If we join hands to develop the Swirl Forest and the Abyss Demon Region, there may be some unexpected surprises."

"Well, we can ask Dongfang about it, when he finishes his practice."

There was a vast majority of unexplored forbidden lands in the divine land, and no one knew what was in them.

Although the Holy Beings believed that these uncharted territories would help them, they were still quite upset over the loss of the Everest Spirit Mountain and they knew that it was irreplaceable. That was the reason why Clark was so angry.

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