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   Chapter 2273 Three Punches

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Across the entire divine land, no one placed much value on body refining skills. Even the Might Godly Way wasn't truly welcomed here.

The conservative True Gods were still focused on condensing the Godly Tile in a traditional way, in an attempt to attain the consummation of True God Realm and become Holy Beings.

This was a path that had been tried, tested and proved by countless True Gods. It was true that ever since the ancient times, only a few people had been capable of standing at its peak, but this remained a successful path.

That said, this world certainly didn't lack warriors who could take the lead to a new path. At the time, Mike had cultivated the Evolution Godly Way alone and created the Evolutionary Universe. However, there were only very few people like Mike. The paths that were yet to be discovered by people were filled with unknown fog, and some of them even had a huge pit. One could only imagine the difficulty of crossing them.

Just like the Primal Chaos Technique that Zen had cultivated, until now, it had been difficult for him to condense a Godly Tile. If it wasn't for the strange mud, Zen probably still wouldn't have any clue.

The crowd surrounding Zen started whispering, a low hum spreading throughout the group.

"I can't believe that Harold used such a strange body refining skill," someone murmured.

"It's completely beyond the Eight Path Platforms and the Nine Divine Stars. What the hell is this strength source? How can it replace blood?" someone else said, completely dumbfounded.

"That isn't what Harold would do. Isn't he good at calculating the opponent's flaws and killing them in the simplest way?"

To anyone who knew Harold, he was considered to be one of the most modest and quiet.

When the Luo Clan's Floating Island had been destroyed, Harold had left without saying a single word. When he turned his head to take a final look, his tender eyes were filled with reluctance, and then he disappeared from the wealthy clans' sight. For a long time, he had even been forgotten by plenty.

It was also throughout that period of time that the Luo Clan's Floating Island's ranking had dropped significantly.

Just when the wealthy clans thought that the Luo Clan's Floating Island would sink into the Time Sea by the next time's ranking, Harold strangely appeared in the Arena of Legends. Using his own strength alone, he had nearly shouldered the entire Luo Clan's Floating Island.

Following such, the Luo Clan's Floating Island had been fixed in the third place to last. In other words, it hadn't fallen, not even one place, and it managed to maintain the position for many, many years.

All this was thanks to a man's loyalty and tenacity.

But today, for some reason, he came forth presenting his muscles to all the True Gods for the very first time.

The muscles all over his body were wildly bulged, radiating the beauty of power. That said, his head hadn't changed at all. It seemed rather incongruous to have a huge and thick body combined with a small head.

When Rachelle saw this scene, she jumped backward, somewhat subconsciously. Her figure seemed to have traveled through spa

once said this move could keep her alive for a short period of time. Within it, she would be almost invincible.

Just as the idea flashed in Nelly's mind though, the scene that played out before her eyes made her change her mind.

At the same time, with a colorful glow gleaming on his right arm, Harold grabbed Rachelle with his left hand and waved his right fist just inches away from her face.

There was a certain drawback in using the strength source, which was that one couldn't completely integrate the strength source into their own body.

Harold though, seemed to have a better understanding of the Might Godly Way as well as the body refining skills.

This was even beyond a Holy Being's vision.

Even Rachelle's ultimate skill, which was claimed to be invincible, couldn't currently bare the Might Godly Way.


He thrust his fist forward and the punch landed on Rachelle. Dark spikes spread out around Rachelle's body. These spikes were ripples caused by the space shock, which actually spread out for dozens of miles.

Crack! Crack!

Rachelle's body, on the other hand, had been strengthened to a terrifying state. After being punched, her body didn't disassemble in the least. Only countless cracks appeared on her skin as she began to fall downward at high speeds.

As she fell down by twenty to thirty feet, Harold once again appeared just below Rachelle.


With the huge space ripples spreading further and further, the second punch hit Rachelle straight on and most of the bloody red scales on her body flew off and disappeared.


When Harold threw his third punch forward, the scales on Rachelle's body completely dissipated, and in front of all the onlookers, her body did the same. There were only huge black ripples that continued to spread, as if the space shocks that were created by Harold were too strong and they would now spread forever amidst this fake space.

Harold raised his head and looked out at the spectators, who stood silently watching him. He didn't care about the win. On the contrary, he had more important things to do today.

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