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   Chapter 2272 An Unprecedented Body Refining Technique

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Rachelle held a short machete in one hand and a short sword in the other. She resembled a gazelle in her stance and fighting technique, quick and nimble.

Harold had avoided all of Rachelle's attacks with the simplest moves; he had been able to predict her moves as if he was able to foresee everything.

They had faced each other in battle so many times before, and every fight ended in a life-and-death situation between them. They were very familiar with each other's personalities and fighting styles.

But in this particular fight, Harold was much calmer and more focused. He dodged everything, ignoring all of Rachelle's attacks. It seemed that he was confident he wouldn't get hurt at all.


Each cut of Rachelle's short machete triggered a terrible blood wave that spurted and scattered across the vast space. It was as if the very space bled with each stroke of the machete gliding through the air.

The disciples of wealthy clans on the Floating Islands were awed at what was unfolding in front of their eyes. A scene like this was very rare, and only during an open battle between two consummate True Gods were they able to witness something like this.

Zen, on the other hand, was tired of it. After all, he had witnessed much more terrifying effects of battles between Supreme Lords when he was in the Evolutionary Universe; this fight was not a big deal compared to that.

However, it should be recalled that the Evolutionary Universe was still the inner world of Holy Mike, and it shouldn't be compared with the divine land.

It was easy for those Supreme Lords to destroy a supreme world in the universe, but it was a hard task for them to turn a mountain upside down in the divine land.

The exchange of blows between Rachelle and Harold was gaining speed at an alarming rate. The two of them rapidly circled in the air, launching from the ground. Without any warning, she disappeared from behind him and suddenly reappeared above his head. In an instant, a bright red blade radiance slashed down on him.

"Space travel..." Zen's lips were pressed into a thin line.

Perhaps Harold was not expecting this move from Rachelle, or he might have had deficiencies in his cultivation. As she slashed downward from above him, he had no time to dodge the attack.

Momentary surprise flickered in Harold's eyes. Unexpected by everyone, he grabbed Rachelle's blade radiance in his fingers.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

How awe-inspiring the power of blade radiance was!

When Harold was able to constantly avoid Rachelle's blade radiance earlier, its power just transformed into billowing waves of frost and dissipated immediately. But now, as he caught the blade radiance in his hand, its power poured forth, and he had difficulty fighting against it.

Dark blue light radiated from Harold's hand. With the protection provided by the light, he forcefully pulverized Rachelle's blade radiance into pieces. However, his facial expression turned much more serious. He retreated and traveled quickly through space, as if he wanted to put as much distance as possible between himself and her.

"Do you feel strange?" Rachelle smiled smugly, like a cat about to kill its prey. "Did your calculations fail you?"

His head down, Harold kept cle

n Harold's chest. His body had been cut open almost in half, leaving only a sliver of flesh connecting the two parts of his body.

"Oh my God! Harold has been cut in half by Rachelle!"

"I've told you, the reason why Rachelle lost to Harold so many times before was because of the Evolution Godly Way. If we would consider their real strength, it would appear that Harold is not stronger than her!"

"I thought Harold was going to defeat his opponent easily. I spent all my money betting on him!"

Looking upon this scene, Zen also appeared a bit worried. Although Harold wouldn't actually die, would the Luo Clan's Floating Island fall into the Time Sea because of his failure?

Harold's face was still calm. He extended his hand and gently pressed the wound in his chest; his broken body quickly merged into one. The shocking wound eventually disappeared.

Harold then said in a stern voice, "The Floating Island of Luo Clan won't fall into the Time Sea. I had already defeated you for 15 times before you knew how to deal with my Deduction Technique. It must be those damned old men from the Hall of Holy Beings who put you up for this. You wouldn't have come up with these ideas on your own. In that case, I can let you and the old men of the Hall of Holy Beings watch as I tear up your bodies and trample on your Floating Islands in the future!"

His shoulders suddenly trembled, and the clothes at the back of his shoulders suddenly expanded. In addition, his chest, thighs, and almost every part of his body began to swell up. Everyone watched this scene with curiosity and trepidation; even Zen was stunned speechless.

In the blink of an eye, the frail and weak young man transformed into a tall, muscular man. His clothes were ripped into pieces, and the veins on his muscles stood out prominently.

"The strength source is flowing in his blood vessels instead of blood. How is he able to do it?" As he saw the situation, Zen was also astounded.

A True God's strength was not determined by the size of his muscles, but by the strength source itself. It seemed that Harold had displayed a new body refining technique that was yet unheard of in the divine land.

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