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   Chapter 2271 The Strength Of The Consummate True Gods

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It was clear to everyone that the anonymous man didn't care one bit about the three supreme primordial weapons.

It was obvious that he had a strong grudge against Nelly and was trying to irritate her on purpose.

Nelly, on the other hand, who had noticed his partiality for Laquisha, was now in a bad mood.

"But... I don't think that's a good idea." Laquisha was surprised at this, having not expected what was happening.

"I will accept your challenge if you will accept my condition," Zen said.

"Of course," Laquisha said, her lips curving into a lovely grin and eyes wandering to Nelly.

Laquisha's mocking was the last straw for Nelly and her irritation showed on her countenance. Zen's attitude towards her was nothing more than provocation and insult. But she knew that it was improper for her to vent her anger at Laquisha. So she rushed over to Zen and demanded an answer from him, "What is the meaning of all this discrimination against me?"

Zen merely raised his head and gazed into the distance, not bothering to pay any attention to Nelly. He just pointed into the distance and said, "The battle begins!"

In the distance, the shadow of a slender figure lengthened as it moved in the blood red wilderness. It belonged to a petite woman.

She was dressed in a blood red robe and walked slowly along the vast wilderness. A strong killing intent emanated off of her. Zen could feel the threat of death across the vast distance that separated them.

Her killing intent was like a sharp knife, pressing against everyone's hearts. With just a glance, the knife could pierce through their hearts and take their lives.

"Rachelle Mu. So this is the aura of a consummate True God?" Zen's eyes narrowed.

Joy was a Demi-holy Being and had an aura that was completely different from that of Rachelle's. Zen didn't think that Joy's aura was more powerful than Rachelle's.

"It's Rachelle!"

"What a strong killing intent! Her cultivation of the Murdering Godly Way is already perfect and it is said that she has also grasped three other theurgies beyond the Murdering Godly Way. It seems that she has made a lot more progress!"

"But will she still be defeated brutally by Harold this year?"

Since the destruction of the Luo Clan's Floating Island, Harold challenged Rachelle every year, and every year, he would ruthlessly defeat her.

It was strange that Rachelle never turned down Harold's challenges when she had the option. According to the rules, consummate True Gods only needed to complete one open battle

"You don't have to feel sorry," Rachelle said nonchalantly. "I will take back all the points."

Saying thus, she raised her hands, two rays of light flashing around them before two weapons appeared in her hands. In her right hand was a short silver machete with an arc-shaped blade. The thick, broad blade was emitting a faint blue light, and inside the blue light, was a narrow line of golden Sanskrit. In her left hand was a short sword that looked rather ordinary.

Harold leisurely put his left hand behind his back, while the fingers of his right hand continued to move, as if he was calculating something. He didn't pull out any weapon but merely said, "Let's begin."

Rachelle's eyes flashed. She moved towards Harold in one big stride and the redness in her eyes spread along her cheeks to the back, leaving two blood-red tracks behind her.

She was incredibly fast!

Rachelle quickly approached him, as if she was moving like the wind. She silently drew an arc in the air with the short machete in her right hand.

Harold was rigid as wood and moved stiffly but numbly to the other side, easily avoiding the slash. The arc in the air began to expand, and before long, it had grown into one that was a thousand feet wide. Once it had fully activated the energy contained within it, it created a wave of blood red power that stretched to the end of the wilderness before dissipating.

"This slash alone has such great power! The entire power of this attack had condensed in her machete from the very beginning!" Zen said wondrously, stunned as he watched the monstrous wave of blood-red power. This was the first time he had watched a battle between two consummate True Gods.

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