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   Chapter 2270 Challenge Accepted

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There were different expressions on the faces of the low-rank True Gods as they looked on at Zen.

Some admired Zen for his performances while some looked on warily.

"Is him the anonymous man?"

"He has not even proven a Godly Way, and yet he ranks ninety-sixth!"

"What's important is that he defeated Moore. We are well aware of Moore's strength. Moore is most likely to enter among the top ten. And this anonymous man defeated him!"

"You mean to say that this anonymous man is likely to enter the top ten then? How many points will he accumulate then?"


The participants of this open battle were yet to make their appearances, but Zen already seemed to be the crowd's favorite.

Apart from the low-rank True Gods, even the mid-rank and top-rank True Gods seemed to be interested in Zen. After all, all these clans were investigating the background of the anonymous man, and they had already heard of him before.

Laquisha also noticed him. She bypassed the crowd and tried to get closer to Zen.

It was the first time she saw this famous anonymous man.

Zen's face was in a blurry state, and so she could not really make out his features. Moreover, his Redemption Armor had also been changed to a different hue.

Laquisha continued to stare at Zen. She felt a familiar feeling tugging at her from inside, but she could not quite place it. If it was really Zen, she would not be able to confirm in front of so many people.

Zen boldly smiled knowingly, as he looked at Laquisha's bewildered pretty face, since no one could see his expression.

Laquisha was fully aware that everyone was staring at them as she said politely, "Nice to meet you. The anonymous man."

"What's the matter?" He lowered his voice so that his voice could be deeper. It was easy to change his voice.

"In the Hall of True Gods, can you accept my challenge?" Laquisha said in a soft voice. Anyone who challenged the anonymous man was to earn his points, but Laquisha tried to be as sincere as she could.

Zen smiled even more when he saw Laquisha's earnest and careful face.

However, before Zen could answer, a woman wearing a black suit so tight that it seemed like her second skin, walked towards him quickly. She had black hair that was tied into a pony tail, complete with bangs in the front. Her beautiful and dignified face was brimming with infinite vitality, emitting a strong aura.

As she walked, the people around stepped aside. She glanced at Laquisha indifferently, almost with a look of disdain in her eyes. "You have already been defeated by me. Please don't embarrass yourself again."

"You!" Laquisha frowned at the lady. The so called 'defeat' happened 3 months ago. She and the woman were evenly matched in strength, so she tried to challenge her again. But the woman always refused to fight with her on the pretext of not fighting with 'losers'. Laquisha also unfortunately never encountered her again in any of the random battles.

The woman really didn't bother about Laquisha's tur

uisha were the two most talented girls in the Floating Islands.

The two girls had their own advantages. Nelly was straightforward and lively, while Laquisha had a gentle and sober personality. It was inevitable that people would compare the two girls to each other. Moreover, Nelly was extremely proud and arrogant, and she did not even consider Laquisha as her equal. She did not like it at all when others compared her with Laquisha.

"You can keep guessing whether I'm a disciple of the Han Clan or not," Zen said indifferently. "This is the condition. It is up to you whether you want to accept the deal or not."

Last time, Zen had bet on 550 divine might coins with Moore.

As a result, after Zen had defeated Moore, that slimy fellow had disappeared. With Zen's current identity as the anonymous man, it was impossible for him to go to the Moon Clan's Floating Island.

Even if he defeated Nelly, his identity still couldn't be revealed, so it would be better to hand over the stake to Laquisha.

As for whether or not he was a disciple of the Han Clan, they could keep guessing for eternity.

Nelly coldly glanced at Laquisha. What Zen asked of her was undoubtedly a great humiliation, but in order to challenge Zen, she gritted her teeth and agreed.

"I'm glad to hear that," Zen replied with a nod. He then walked over to Laquisha and asked with a smile, "Did you just say that you wanted to challenge me?"

Laquisha didn't know what had happened. She was still in a daze, but since the anonymous man asked her, she nodded and replied, "Yes."

"After I defeat that woman, I will accept your challenge," Zen continued with a smile.

"What?" For some reason, Laquisha was a little nervous in front of the anonymous man. "But I can't afford three supreme primordial weapons."

Laquisha actually could afford it, but she was unwilling to do so.

"Oh! Don't worry about it. I will not ask for anything if you lose." Zen laughed strangely.

In meantime, Nelly was fuming with rage.

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