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   Chapter 2269 Method Of Activation

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As the voice rang throughout the area, Laquisha and the others temporarily froze in surprise.

"Here comes Harold again! He appears every time when the clans' Floating Islands are about to be ranked," Quentin chuckled.

"That's true. He really worked hard to keep the Luo Clan's Floating Island above the Time Sea," agreed a genius from another clan.

"It is said that he has completely controlled the Everest Spirit Mountain, and his skills have probably improved so much--which is bad for Rachelle Mu. Actually, it can be considered as Rachelle paying off the debt for the Mu Clan."

It was known that the ranking of the Floating Islands had changed multiple times in the past few years.

Most of the members of the Luo Clan had died, while the few remaining ones left and hid away in the forbidden lands.

Yet over the years, the Luo Clan's Floating Island never fell into the Time Sea. It still even remained in the third-lowest place among all the wealthy clans, and it was all because of Harold.

Back then when he had left the Time Sea, he had taken away a piece of the Jade Wall of Legends. Then every time the Floating Islands were ranked again, he continuously challenged a few consummate True Gods, and thus obtained enough points to protect the Luo Clan's Floating Island.

In addition, every time the first person he chose was Rachelle.

Back then, it wasn't just the Mu Clan that had destroyed the Luo Clan--the Hall of Holy Beings had also gotten involved. However, Murphy Mu was at the helm, and he was the one who subsequently launched a war in the Evolutionary Universe. Of course, Harold had released his anger on the Mu Clan.

The True Gods went into thousands of battles in the Arena of Legends every day, but what garnered the most attention were the battles between the consummate True Gods.

These consummate True Gods could have tens of thousands, or even millions of points at a time. The results of their battles determined the ranking of their Floating Islands, and that was one of the reasons why the Holy Beings gave so much importance to cultivating their own disciples. While the chances of disciples becoming Holy Beings were very small, they still played an important role.

Now, the battles between the consummate True Gods were usually open battles. Everyone from the Floating Islands could come to the battle site and watch. Warriors had to pay according to their own cultivation level to watch, as the low-rank True Gods needed to pay forty points, mid-rank True Gods needed to pay two hundred points, and top-rank True Gods had to pay six hundred points.

The consummate True Gods all had reached the consummation of some kind of Godly Way, and they often had good comprehensions and strong theurgies beyond way. These True Gods could comprehend a lot from watching the battles, so they would gladly pay to spectate the fights.

Therefore, numerous True Gods had used their points to pay to watch the open battle after the announcement today.

Meanwhile, Zen had been quite relaxed the past few days. During that period

inadvertent attempt actually worked!

His face was twisted into ecstasy after he freed himself from the state of emotion closing. Through such a method, he could easily solve many problems he had encountered and be more unrestrained in comprehending the internal momentum used by other True Gods.

The rings in his eyes lasted for about five minutes before they slowly dimmed.

The moment the light was gone, Joy's voice slowly cut into the silence.

When Zen heard the sudden voice, he thought that Joy had noticed what he just did. Nervousness coursed through his body as Joy said, "Harold is going to challenge Rachelle. It's an open battle. You can watch the battle after you enter the Jade Wall of Legends."

"Harold!" Zen exclaimed with raised brows. Harold was the one who had taken away Zen's sister back in the Central Region.

Back then, he was able to catapult Zen several hundred miles away with the power of just one finger.

At that time, Zen secretly swore that he would definitely defeat that guy one day.

He never expected that this young man was his father's chief disciple, Harold Yu!

"Wasn't the Floating Island of the Luo Clan destroyed? Why could he enter the Arena of Legends to challenge Rachelle?" he asked. He was very confused, but Joy just gave him that one message then kept silent, and did not answer his question.

In any case, he didn't wait any longer and rushed into the Jade Wall of Legends.

Soon enough, he reached his destination and paid 40 points to enter a huge world.

A bloody red setting sun hung at the edge of the world, which seemed to be washed over with blood. It even had a salty, coppery smell as well.

Although it was a made-up space, everything in it looked absolutely real.

"So many people..." Zen whispered helplessly. Everywhere he looked was filled with spectators. He saw countless proving godly warriors, low-rank True Gods, and mid-rank True Gods at a single glance.

Just when the anonymous man had arrived, all the spectators immediately paid attention to Zen.

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