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   Chapter 2268 An Open Battle

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The difference between the top two hundred warriors in the Arena of Legends wasn't that large.

There were more than thirty rich clans on the Floating Islands and if each one possessed around five talents, then that would mean a total of 200 talents in the entirety of the Floating Islands.

At this stage, Zen's opponents were now as strong as Moore.

He remembered his battle with him. If Zen hadn't made use of the Ice Soul Flame, then he might've lost that fight.

In order to face off against the top two hundred low-rank True Gods, Zen would have to make use of the Gods Killing Sword Array if he wanted to ensure his victory.

There was still a month and a half before the re-ranking of the Floating Islands and so far, Zen had won twenty-two consecutive times and owned three hundred and seventy thousand points. He wasn't as anxious as he was before and only needed to wait for the last period to win a few more crucial matches.

With this strategy, even if others were to discover that he was from the Han Clan, it would be too late to attack him. This was all well-thought-out by Joy.

However, his sudden departure from the Hall of True Gods left the other talents feeling quite anxious.

Even Laquisha was upset.

The young woman was under a lot of pressure mostly due to the conflict between her and Langston.

Their relationship at the moment was less than ideal but she had to consider the overall situation as a member of the Han Clan. Sometimes, the disciples of the rich clans on the Floating Islands ended up being more helpless than ordinary people.

Laquisha was ranked third among all low-rank True Gods. However she found it difficult to win consecutively and even if she did, she could only get around one thousand points. Such a meagre amount wouldn't be able to change their current situation.

During this time, Pascal spent his days persevering in the Arena of Legends and participating in battles above his level. He challenged a top-rank True God and found it quite challenging given his cultivation of a mid-rank True God.

After three consecutive wins, he was then defeated three consecutive times by other warriors. The top-rank True Gods still had the advantage of flight, which made Pascal suffer while he was fighting with them.

Even without saying anything, Laquisha knew that he did it all for her.

Pascal didn't want to obey the Leng Clan either. He wanted to help her with his own strength. Unfortunately, he might be far too weak to do so.

However, Laquisha still had a chance.

Just recently, an anonymous warrior appeared within the Hall of True Gods and participated in the battles above his level. That warrior won all 22 co

ce and made him suffer such a huge loss.

"I'm not interested," she replied coldly.

"You don't want to accept my challenge, Your Highness?" he asked, almost mockingly. "I heard there's something wrong between you and Langston."

Gossip in the clans always spread like wildfire. Quentin was not close to nor had a friendly relationship with Langston, but he still knew about the matter between him and his fiancee. "It was said that a proving godly warrior emerged from your clan and killed Sheridan. I'm wondering if this proving godly warrior is the anonymous man. His name is Thad, right?"

It wasn't just Laquisha who had her suspicions of Zen being the anonymous man.

Many warriors saw Zen kill Sheridan and hurt Langston after all. His strength wasn't really a kept secret.

Since he had the capacity to kill Sheridan, then he most certainly had the qualifications to participate in battles against those with a higher cultivation base than him.

However, Zen's name was never on the ranking list. He just directly participated in the battle anonymously. There were little to no clues offered to mere spectators. Even Quentin could only make his guesses.

"It's possible but I've already sent people to inquire about this matter. Thad seems to be focused on learning the Purple Aura Godly Way from the Demi-holy Being of our Han Clan," Laquisha replied. She wasn't really sure about the current situation, but since she didn't have anything to hide, then there was no need to lie.

"I see!" Quentin replied indifferently. He too was only speculating.

At that moment, a majestic voice suddenly boomed in the Hall of True Gods. "Harold Yu from the Luo Clan is challenging Rachelle Mu from the Mu Clan. Low-rank True Gods can pay 40 points to watch the open battle on-site..."

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