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   Chapter 2267 Assumption Based On Limited Information

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It was undoubtedly extremely difficult to remove the Ice Soul Flame from a body it had invaded.

If an ordinary low-rank True God was frozen as such, Zen would have already won.

Perhaps it was because Moore cultivated the Snow Godly Way or because he had some special treasure protecting his body. He merely curled up into a ball and lay motionless on the ground, but by then the outcome of the Arena of Legends hadn't yet been decided.

Still, Moore had lost the ability to resist. Zen walked over and leaped high into the air. The tips of his toes had gathered a powerful force that he charged right at Moore.


Zen crushed Moore's body into a million pieces.

Soon after, the world of ice and snow began to dissipate. When Zen returned to his room, his injuries disappeared.

"The eleventh consecutive win."

He pursed his lips. He didn't expect it to be so difficult.

In truth, he had already predicted such difficulty, and so had Joy. It was widely known that Moore ranked twentieth among the low-rank True Gods. He was much stronger than the low-rank True Gods that Zen had fought at that stage—Zen had practiced the Gods Killing Sword Array in preparation because of this.

But never did Zen expect that someone would lower his rank just to challenge him.

If he really fought all the way up in the Hall of True Gods, he would surely have to use the Gods Killing Sword Array to deal with the powerhouses among the low-rank True Gods.

But if he used the Gods Killing Sword Array now, his opponents were likely to guess that he was from the Han Clan and the Purple Soul Hall—exposing himself too early was unfavorable to the Han Clan. By then, within the Hall of True Gods, many clans would do all they could to deal with the True Gods of the Han Clan.

"I must be careful next time. I can't accept any more challenges," Zen said to himself rather dejectedly. The warriors who lowered their ranks to challenge him were interrupting his plans.

Even more dejected was Moore.

After leaving the Arena of Legends, the fat on his round face kept shaking. "The Ice Soul Flame… How could it be the Ice Soul Flame?"

It was no big deal to lose some points, nor did it matter to lose hundreds of divine might coins. But Moore was not satisfied losing to a proving godly warrior who fought with those beyond his level.

Many disciples from the powerful clans on the Floating Islands had gone to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land—Moore was no exception, and he had also gone to its interior world arranged by Holy Jay. Since he mainly practiced the Snow Godly Way, it was natural for him to yearn for the Ice Soul Flame. If the Snow Divine Spear could be combined with the magical ice flame, his power would be enhanced remarkably.


her and lower than his had grown intense.

In order to lower their rankings to qualify for challenging Zen, some masters even gave up and admitted defeat to each other.

But much to their disappointment, Zen no longer accepted their challenges and chose his own opponents randomly.

In this way, his opponents had once again become the warriors at his level, making it much easier for him to win—he won over and over again.

On that day, he had four consecutive wins. In total, he had 14 consecutive wins, earning him 112, 000 points. The extra points from winning a single round came up to almost 17, 000.

Meanwhile, the low-rank True Gods in the same rank as Zen usually had over a thousand points—to them, Zen's points made an astronomical figure.

But 112, 000 points was by no means his final goal. According to Joy, he needed at least 1.2 million points to protect the Purple Soul Hall and change the ranking of the Han Clan's Floating Island. Zen still had a long way to go in the Arena of Legends.

On each of the following days, Zen only fought two matches.

Four days later, he had accumulated 22 consecutive wins.

Because of the string of wins, his ranking quickly rose from 500, 000 to the top 10, 000, top 1, 000, and top 100, until he was finally ranked at the 96th.

After the last twenty-second round, his ranking rose directly from the 920th to the 96th. In other words, all the opponents he randomly selected were in the top 200.

These were the best of the low-rank True Gods, as well as the talents among the disciples of powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

It was no surprise that they were all eager to accept Zen's challenge. Whoever defeated the anonymous man would receive a great number of points.

Never did they expect the anonymous man to quietly take his leave from the Hall of True Gods.

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