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   Chapter 2266 Moon Clan

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When Zen saw the black Snow Divine Spear, his eyes quickly narrowed into slits.

He knew that each Snow Divine Spear was more powerful than the last one, so he guessed that the fourth one could seriously injure, or kill him even.

However, he couldn't fully stop the Snow Divine Spear--he could only resist it with his body.


A faint tinge of regret flashed across the fat man's face as the Snow Divine Spear flew ahead. "This battle is still too easy. You may die now, anonymous man," he lamented.

Despite his sad voice, his eyes hid a bit of mirth. He was confident that Zen would surely die after the black spear was fired.

At that same moment, Zen focused and immediately retreated backwards, his hands blocking his chest. His whole body flew and slid across the ice a little too closely.

But the black Snow Divine Spear was incredibly fast, that it shot towards him in almost a blink of an eye!

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

At Zen's command, a faint white mist flickered over the surface of his body.

The Eight Smoky Melodies was an ingenious attack, but its ability to move swiftly had a huge limitation: any opponent who was fast enough could easily break it. After all, Gus had only aimed at the opponents Zen would face in the universe when he had recommended the cultivation method, but hadn't thought of the current situation.

Now, Zen had used the Eight Smoky Melodies--but not to escape from the Snow Divine Spear itself. Rather, the Eight Smoky Melodies pushed him away and weakened the spear's power when it got too close to him.


However, Zen didn't have much time left to deal with the Snow Divine Spear since it had appeared. It had only taken a thousandth of a blink of an eye in ordinary people's eyes, and he had already made all his preparations.


The moment the Snow Divine Spear hit his arms, the power in his limbs exploded!

Even though his bones were as strong as a supreme primordial weapon, his arms had to bear the power of the Snow Divine Spear as well as his own strength. Thus, his arms immediately cracked open at the impact of the two great forces combined.


Zen paid the price with his arms, but the momentum of the Snow Divine Spear only decreased slightly. Moreover, it attacked his chest in the next moment despite the Redemption Armor acting as a barrier.

The soft Redemption Armor was indestructible and could even weaken a huge chunk of the Snow Divine Spear's power. However, the spear's violent penetrating force still pierced through it and entered his internal organs.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

There were several audible cracks, and his chest was torn with his ribs broken as well. He could even see his heart beating if he tried to bow his head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You do deserve to be the man with ten consecutive wins.

tream of blood flowed from Zen's lung, then he spoke. "Why should I accept my failure? Do you think I will lose?" he asked curiously.

Needless to say, Moore was shocked.

"Do you think you still have a chance?" he asked. "Chance... Isn't it always there?" Zen said calmly.

"What do you mean?" A small smile tugged at the corner of Zen's lips.

"Look behind you."

Moore did as he was told and saw a circle.

Just as Zen had retreated a few seconds ago, he had left an oval imprint in the ice. Moore was still confused over his words.

As soon as Zen had finished speaking, an icy blue flame suddenly combusted and rapidly spread around the circle.


The Ice Soul Flame started to burn fierily, then it enveloped Zen and Moore.

"You truly have strange tactics. Even until now I can't find where your real body is, but I think it must be in this circle," said Zen. "If so, then I just need to freeze everything in this circle," he finished.

"This is…" Moore uttered in shock when he saw the icy blue flames. "This is the Ice Soul Flame! And it is complete! How could you possibly fully comprehend Holy Jay's Ice Soul Flame?!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Ice Soul Flame had spread at an extremely fast speed. It had already filled the whole circle in just a blink of an eye.

Zen didn't answer Moore's question. The Ice Soul Flame could have a stronger effect in the Land of Extreme Chillness, but at least, the speed at which the flames had spread was still beyond his expectation.

However, Moore wasn't willing to lose to Zen. His fat body dodged the Ice Soul Flame that constantly licked at him and occasionally turned into a pile of snowflakes, then back to normal again. Finally, Zen saw a fat man in an ice armor, who rolled on the ground before the Ice Soul Flame froze him completely. 'This one should be his real body, right?' Zen thought.

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