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   Chapter 2265 Snow Divine Spear

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The fat man swung the long stick in his hand. Its tip began to glow a blue light as another frost mark, much like the one on Zen's back, appeared on it.

"I'm coming again. Are you ready?" The fatty laughed, his chubby cheeks and double chin shaking.

As Zen's ranking had improved drastically in the Hall of True Gods, he estimated that he wouldn't encounter too many difficulties at this stage. However, after meeting this fat man, Zen figured he should probably stop underestimating his enemy.

As soon as the fatty finished speaking, he waved the long stick he held wildly and charged towards Zen like a raging bull.

To Zen's mild surprise, the man stopped about a foot from him and turned into a flurry of snowflakes.

"Behind me again?"

Zen turned around and launched a punch without hesitation.

Unfortunately, he guessed wrong again. The snowflakes behind him had condensed into the fatty who didn't waste time in hitting Zen's back with his stick.


Zen's back now had two frost marks overlapping like a tattoo.

"I heard you are strong and that you have a special body protection treasure.

With my current strength, it'll be quite difficult to kill you," the fat man admitted before turning into a pile of snow that melted as soon as it appeared. A hundred feet from Zen, a flurry of snowflakes turned into the fat man once again. The fatty tilted his head. "But there are many different ways to kill people. I'm sure I can use another way..."

Then, he waved his stick again and stomped heavily on the ice.


Six piles of snow suddenly appeared around Zen.

"Break them all!"

Quick to react, Zen spun his arms in all directions like wheels, causing an invisible force to leave his body and blow the snow away.

However, the snow collected in the air and morphed into several fatties, all charging at Zen.

Zen immediately felt a headache seeing this scene.

This fatty's bodily movement skill was too weird.

It was impossible for a low-rank True God to move in a flash, but Zen was unable to recognize which fatty was real and which ones were fake. More importantly, the fatty's clones were made of real snowflakes and not just virtual shadows.

Seeing the six fatties pouncing on him,

right?" The fatty chuckled.


As fatty talked, the third Snow Divine Spear shot from the snowflake pattern again. This Snow Divine Spear had turned a blue black color, and the tip of the icy spear rotated with flowing light continuously.


Zen tried his best to dodge but failed, the third icy spear hitting him.

Shards of ice fell everywhere. Zen slid down the icy ground and spat a lot of blood. The powerful force spread through his body, injuring his internal organs.

"What tenacity indeed," the fatty clicked his tongue twice and shook his head. "With the fourth spear, I shall end your life."

The fat man only cultivated to the forth level of the Snow Divine Spear which was the theurgy beyond the Snow Godly Way.

After defending his opponent, he only needed to leave three frost marks on his opponent with the mystical snow steps, then the battle would be as good as over.

However, there were just some monsters who were too stubborn to die. The fatty had once fought with Pascal, and Pascal also withstood the first two spears. The third spear was the most lethal one but since Pascal managed to dodge it, the fatty had lost the battle.

This time, the fatty had prepared four spears and he really took Zen seriously.


The fourth Snow Divine Spear shot out of the snowflake pattern. However, unlike the previous ones, this spear was completely black.

Those who forced the fatty to show the fourth Snow Divine Spear all lost pathetically.

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