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   Chapter 2264 A Tough Fat Guy

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Zen's ranking had risen rapidly in the Hall of True Gods, drawing unprecedented attention to himself.

But he himself didn't know this.

After attaining ten consecutive wins, Zen finally decided to pause for a breath of some fresh air in the Hall of True Gods.

The moment he opened the door, he saw that the entrance of the room was crowded with low-rank True Gods, who were waiting for him.

The low-rank True Gods were taken by surprise as they didn't expect Zen to get out of his room this moment. They were in the midst of exchanging information on the anonymous man that they had mastered. Everybody whispered among themselves trying to guess the identity of the anonymous man. When the door opened, everyone immediately fell quiet at the same time. This scene was very strange.

Zen glanced at everyone and asked indifferently, "Are you all waiting for me? What's up?"

The low-rank True Gods looked Zen up and down, trying to find some clues as to his identity. However, Zen did not have any specific features that would reveal the mystery. In order to maintain the enigma, he had specially turned his long robe into a light blue one.

"I want to challenge you!" someone shouted boldly.

After the first low-rank True God threw this challenge, all the others followed suit and started challenging Zen.

"Can I challenge you? There are 70 rankings between us."

"Choose me!"

In the Arena of Legends, very few people were as popular as Zen.

They thought that if this anonymous man participated in the battles against low-rank True Gods, he was likely to be defeated. If someone won a duel with the anonymous man, they would also gain a great number of points from him.

And even if they were defeated by the anonymous man, they would only lose a small amount of points, so it was a risk everyone was willing to take.

"If you defeat me, I will give you another twenty divine might coins!" someone offered in an attempt to goad Zen into fighting him.

Twenty divine might coins were not a big number for the low-rank True Gods on the Floating Islands.

So more people started bribing him subsequently increasing the amount!

"If you accept my challenge, I will give you eighty divine might coins. If you can defeat me..."

"Two hundred divine might coins..."

"Three hundred..."

Soon it was like an auction: the True Gods in front of Zen began to raise their offers one after another.

'I never expected that!' Zen thought to himself, flabbergasted, as he stared at this crazy group. Unexpected as it was, he still wanted to see how it would play out.

However, according to the rules of the Hall of True Gods, only the ones who were a hundred ranks higher or lower than him were qualified to challenge Zen. The number of people in this category was only two hundred. Moreover, the warriors who ranked low in the current rankings we

, it felt cold in his hand. The stick was actually a bunch of snowflakes. Zen chopped with his backhand and cut the fatty in his face. The fatty turned into a bunch of snowflakes and scattered on the ground.

"I have already known that you possess extraordinary brute force. But if you think you can defeat me only using strength, you are too naive. Hahaha!"

The strength and characteristics of the anonymous man had already spread among the low-rank True Gods. Many low-rank True Gods had studied Zen. The fatty was obviously well prepared.

The fatty's voice rang out behind Zen. At the same time, a loud roar was heard. The fatty had excellent hiding skills. He disappeared all of a sudden and in the next moment, he was behind Zen's back, attacking him.

Without a word, Zen turned his body, turned around and kicked the man.

Swish! Swish!

With one kick, the fatty turned into a pile of snowflakes again. The snowflakes danced like thousands of silver bugs, painting a beautiful picture.

"Wrong again!"

The fatty chuckled and made another move. Once more, he appeared behind Zen. There were icy marks on the long white stick in his hand, and he suddenly brought it down on Zen's back.

However, the stick only left a light icy mark on Zen's back, without causing substantial damage to him.

After he attacked with this stick, he rolled like a ball to quickly distance himself from Zen. A hand, producing cold air, constantly stroked the top of the long stick, as if it was pouring something into it.

He still wore a smug smile on his face, as if he was sure to win.

Zen stood there, his face as solemn as never before. The fatty had left a mark on his back just now, and he didn't know what it would do. Although the fatty used the Snow Godly Way, the Godly Ways were changeable and many people could use all kinds of theurgy beyond way. The scene in front of him was really strange.

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