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   Chapter 2262 Consecutive Victories (Part One)

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At this point, Alfredo could only let out an awkward smile. On that note, he turned around and left reluctantly without another word.

Around the same time, Joy turned to Zen and said, "Don't blame him. Everyone has their own responsibility."

Alfredo had been wanting to drive Zen out of the Han Clan's Floating Island ever since he heard Sheridan was killed by him. As the head of the Han Clan, it was appropriate for him to do so in order to seek the best interest of the clan and to make sure he kept everything as hands on as possible.

"I know," Zen responded. "And my responsibility is to earn as many points as I can." He let out a faint sigh and smiled.

Everyone faces challenges, and anyone in high position or authority is not an exception to that. When one is not strong enough, they can't blame others who have ignored them. In the end, it's really the survival of the fittest.

Through it all, Joy was afraid that Zen would burst in anger at Alfredo. She was relieved to see Zen's calm expression. She sighed and giggled, wondering how well Mike was able to train Zen for him to be such an excellent young man.

She knew that Holy Jay had a knack for studying and solving difficult problems, Holy Bromley was good at exploring and creating, and Holy Mike had expertise in strategic planning and organizing overall arrangements.

In the past, Mike, who had previously made a few mistakes, was attacked by the members of the Hall of Holy Beings and got into a dangerous situation. For sure, he must have already planned to make Zen avenge himself. However, Joy didn't expect that the entire Evolutionary Universe was created by Mike, just for Zen.

Of course, it was impossible for Mike to take everything under his

im. As a proving godly warrior, he was so conspicuous among those True Gods.

When the anonymous man had just won two consecutive wins, he drew the attention of a few powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

Zen, regarded as the "anonymous man," challenged warriors who were way above his level, yet he still managed to win two consecutive wins. This was something very unusual, and that was why people were drawn to it.

Later on, Zen won four matches in a row, which naturally caused more commotion among the people.

After seeing his advances, wealthy clans on the Floating Islands began to investigate Zen's identity in secret, but he didn't show anything special from the beginning to the end. The four men who went against Zen also got nothing about his identity, and the only thing they noticed was the two golden rays of light in Zen's eyes. They resembled the Eyes of Fire God, but they couldn't be sure because he didn't use the theurgy of the Eyes of Fire God.

The clans began to pay closer attention to the anonymous man. If anyone was able to gather information, these people would naturally report it to their own clans for advantage.

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