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   Chapter 2261 Trouble For The Clan

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The Gods Killing Sword Array was created by Joy herself, but the idea for the array had originally been provided by Mike.

At that time, the Four Swords Change was the most original Gods Killing Sword Array, and even it still had many flaws.

Later though, Joy became a Demi-holy Being, and the four swords array changed drastically. In terms of power alone, it became much stronger.

"I asked you to shape the power to the Long Vine Sword, the Buddha Emperor Sword, the Grant Sun Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword because the four swords have different abilities. The Long Vine Sword focuses on the array of entangling the enemy; the Buddha Emperor Sword's main ability is the killing array; the Grant Sun Sword is mainly used for defensive array; and the Heavenly Tooth Sword forms the hunting array. In fact, the Thirty-two Swords Change and the Ninety-six Swords Change of the Gods Killing Sword Array have broken through these constraints, but now, you cannot master the Thirty-two Swords Change. And the Four Swords Change is based on these initial four swords..."

The four swords each had their own single sword changes, and they respectively corresponded to entanglement, killing, defense, and hunting.

When the two swords cooperated with each other, they could combine their arrays and create something even more powerful, like the entangling-killing array or the entangling-hunting array. Furthermore, there were also many changes, including the cooperation of three swords and four swords at the same time.

On the one hand, Zen had to maintain these powerful swords in perfect balance, and on the other hand, he had to master their respective coordination. This was a great feat, even for Zen, to say the least. Fortunately, time was controllable in the Purple Sky Land, and with Joy's help, his understanding of the Gods Killing Sword Array increased little by little.

In just a month's time, Zen had already obtained a small achievement. He had mastered the change of a single sword. In other words, he could now make the most of any sword he laid his hands on.

After three months, Zen had mastered the use of two swords. Swordsmanship with double swords offered more mysterious changes and was generally better in both power and flexibility.

Half a year later, Zen had enabled the capacity of performing with three swords together. Using three swords at once was the Gods Killing Sword Array's essence, and notably, it was also considered a unique skill.

It took Zen an entire year to completely grasp the technique of using four swords together, all at once. This was the Gods Killing Sword Array's ultimate kill attack. This was more difficult to attain because he not only needed to understand the array, but the characteristic of the four swords, too.

As Joy watched how quickly Zen progressed, she felt calmer.

Zen's father was a very gifted man, which indicated that Zen was destined to be special. Besides having inherited his father's amazing talent, he was equally bound to be even more terrifying than his father.

Pondering things over, Joy knew deep inside herself

maintain our current rank."

"WIth what? Your Purple Soul Hall?" Alfredo sneered.

As far as Alfredo knew, Joy had mobilized female disciples of the Purple Soul Hall to make a breakthrough in their rankings and points in the Arena of Legends. Recently though, while those great clans were hard at work, the Purple Soul Hall's ranking hadn't risen, but instead had gone down. All the disciples' points had only risen a little.

The ranking just clearly couldn't be improved by disciples' willpower alone. Their talent and strength needed to be considered as well.

"Two months later, you'll see the results. Asking me to hand Thad over to them is wishful thinking and you know it. I don't want you to come to me for this matter again," said Joy coldly.

Joy's firm words went hand in hand with her attitude, and Alfredo looked at Zen with confusion.

Joy had once protected Zen, and Alfredo could understand. After all, there were very few talents in the Purple Soul Hall, so it was only normal that Joy didn't want to give up on the little guy. That said though, today, her performance had gone overboard.

Was it possible that Thad Luo had a special background?

A smart person like Alfredo could always guess at different possibilities. He knew how Joy had grown up—she didn't rely on the Han Clan's Holy Emperor because, at the time, the Purple Power Body wasn't highly valued in rich clans.

In fact, Mike was the one who helped her become a Demi-holy Being.

'Thad's surname is also Luo. Is he one of Mike's descendants?' Alfredo wondered to himself.

Joy's conjecture was confirmed by Laquisha and Aleyna, but there was no evidence to confirm Alfredo's. In other words, he could only secretly make blind and disorderly estimates.

At the same time, he wondered why Joy was so confident. Did she really have the ability to bring the Purple Soul Hall's points up to a higher level? If she could really manage such a thing, she'd have the possibility of keeping the ranking of the Han Clan's Floating Island, and even to become one or two places higher.

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