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   Chapter 2260 Concentrating On Cultivation

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Zen had seen Margaret yield the Gods Killing Sword Array before. He knew that its power was truly formidable.

Back then, Margaret was only a world lord, yet with the Gods Killing Sword Array, she had defeated many Supreme Lords. It was well known that at least five Supreme Lords had been killed at the hand of this skill.

The four swords that Margaret used were created by the divine textures of the Celestial Position race, greatly reducing their power.

If Zen truly mastered the Four Swords Change of the Gods Killing Sword Array to the point of using it well, his strength would improve remarkably.

As soon as Joy finished speaking, countless invisible swords began swarming around in a purple mist, merging into four distinct swords.

Zen could only just make out their shapes.

Vines weaved around one of the swords, their irregular curves twisting around the blade. Zen recognized it as the Long Vine Sword.

The second sword's hilt was fashioned into a sitting Buddha, with its blade as wide as a wheel — the Buddha Emperor Sword.

The next sword had many layers much like a pagoda, the Grant Sun Sword.

The last sword was filled with sharp spines, making up the distinct look of the Heavenly Tooth Sword.

"Use your Power Shaping and create the same four swords," ordered Joy.

"Why?" Zen asked. "Do the shapes of the swords truly matter that much?" Was it truly necessary that the Gods Killing Sword Array was made up of the same four swords? With his Power Shaping, he was capable of creating swords into so many other various shapes.

"Cut the crap!" Joy snapped. As a Demi-holy Being, she was being more generous by teaching Zen the skills she had acquired and yet he was incredulous enough to question her.

"Okay," Zen finally nodded obediently. Without another word, he summoned the strength of the Nine Divine Stars.

Zen hadn't actually mastered the true Power Shaping skill. With only the power of the Eight Path Platforms, it would've been impossible, but by using the Cross-world Theurgy, he realized that he could still shape things to his will. That meant he was effectively bypassing the second stage of Power Shaping and going straight to the third stage.


The power of the Cross-world Theurgy came rushing through him, transforming into the swords' very shapes.

First that started coming into form was… The Long Vine Sword.

Keeping the shape of Joy's sword in his mind, soon, Zen made an identical Long Vine Sword appear in front of him, only a tad smaller in size. It turned out to be a piece of cake for him.

"Okay! The second sword!"

When he began shaping the second sword, the Long Vine Sword suddenly trembled until it immediately dissipated.

"What?!" Zen scratched his head in confusion and embarrassment.

Joy merely sneered and asked, "Didn't you understand the internal

ing of the Floating Islands was to be established. If he wasted a few months in the Purple Sky Land before the new ranking was established, the Purple Soul Hall would probably have no choice but to dismiss 80% of its disciples.

Naturally, forming four swords was miles harder than only three. It was no surprise that he failed to do so on his first try.

But there was no change in his expression — he didn't even blink. He only continued to patiently stimulate his strength source again.

Staring at him from behind, Joy remained silent, her eyes turning glassy. Zen looked very much like Mike when he was focused on practicing the martial arts. She couldn't help but fall back into memories. She recalled the old days when she was practicing in the Purple Power World. In order to help her cultivate, Mike asked her to take a moment and close her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw the Purple Power World become a fairyland — a world of huge swords.

99.9 billion huge swords were densely packed in the sky of the Purple Power World. Controlling the swords at her will had her truly overjoyed.

After ten full days, Zen finally managed to maintain four swords for three seconds.

It was something Joy managed only after six months of practice.

Merely two months had passed in the Purple Sky Land and Zen was able to maintain four swords for fifteen seconds.

Half a year later, he could keep them up for a long period.

During these six months, Zen seemed to have no other thoughts except for concentrating on shaping the swords. After they dissipated, he repeated the boring process over and over.

Fortunately, Joy had already changed the time flow rate so that half a year in the Purple Sky Land was only three days in the outside world.

Since he could maintain four swords at the same time now, Joy began teaching him the operation method of the Gods Killing Sword Array.

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