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   Chapter 2259 Four Swords Change

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When Joy first met Mike, she was just a mid-rank True God. However, she was a key member and warrior of the Han Clan.

The research on the Purple Aura Godly Way wasn't as advanced then as it was now, and the creation of the Purple Sky Land was an uncertainty as it was no easy task to create a universe in the divine land.

Except for the formation and control, the Purple Aura Godly Way was much weaker than other Godly Ways on many aspects.

As time went by, Mike asked Joy to enter his universe to open a world. Joy tried to build the Purple Sky Land in the universe. This was how the Purple Power World came into existence.

Thus, it was quite easier for Joy to build a world in the Evolutionary Universe as compared to doing so in the divine land. Not to mention the fact that she had Mike's backing as well.

Joy was quite talented. After she created the Purple Power World, she created many great sword arrays, among which the Gods Killing Sword Array was the most powerful one.

As Joy was fully satisfied with her creation, Mike pointed out that the swords that the most powerful Gods Killing Sword Array was using were not real swords, but they were rather illusory swords. He also drew attention to the fact that the so-called illusory swords were invisible, and were made by the Power Shaping which forced the power out of one's body.

Joy wasn't a Demi-holy Being at that time, so she quite couldn't exert the Cross-world Theurgy. She was only able to practice the second stage of the Power Shaping and was still unable to do away with the real swords, the Long Vine Sword, the Buddha Emperor Sword, the Grant Sun Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword which were given to her by Mike.

Joy no longer used the four swords now, but she still kept them, as they reminded her of the wonderful time she spent in the Evolutionary Universe.

Mike also had Joy's support when there was trouble on the Luo Clan's Floating Island. However, she was just a top-rank True God at that time, and she couldn't cultivate the illusory swords of the Gods Killing Sword Array. She was willing to help the Luo Clan but was ordered to stay on the Han Clan's Floating Island. The Han Clan went to the extent of assigning a consummate True God to her, who watched her closely thus, she was unable to slip by. Thus, she sat idly by and watched Mike suffer.

Those were dark days for Joy. She vowed that she would try to help Harold and others, if opportunity arose. She also wondered if Mike would come back, since he and his universe were immortal after all.

She just waited for the right moment to come by.

ord Array, and since she is your wife, you must have seen the Gods Killing Sword Array."

"Yes, I have. I have also seen the Purple River Sword Array, the Two Modes Sword Array..."

Before Zen could finish his sentence, Joy said, "They all used to be my sword arrays back in the day, but I could only use the real swords back then. Although the Gods Killing Sword Array is powerful, it has a huge limit."

Joy later became the Demi-holy Being and succeeded in using the illusory swords. After she mastered the Power Shaping, she had a new understanding of the Gods Killing Sword Array.

She was aware that the power of a sword activated by the Cross-word Theurgy would be much more powerful and the change in it would be much more rapid.

She was also aware that the strength in it would be more than a hundred times stronger.

As Joy spoke, she calmly waved her hands.

The calm and peace was interrupted by a swishing sound.

Zen saw Joy's power transformed into dozens of invisible swords and they flew aimlessly, in all directions.

Thousands of invisible, colorless long swords pierced through the purple mist, leaving the shadows of the swords.

Zen was soon surrounded by the sword shadows.

Joy gave Zen a faint smile and said, "At the beginning, the Gods Killing Sword Array only had the Four Swords Change. Later, I figured out the Thirty-two Swords Change, the Ninety-six Swords Change, and other techniques. You have mastered the Cross-world Theurgy. Moreover, you can cultivate the Grand Purple Aura Technique. It should not be difficult for you to learn it. Today, I'm teaching you the Four Swords Change. The Four Swords Change was personally made for me by your father, and today I'm teaching his son."

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