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   Chapter 2258 The Origin Of The Purple Power World

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It did not surprise Joy when Zen employed the first stage of Power Shaping.

It proved not difficult for Zen to comprehend and practice the basic skill of the Power Shaping through the Might Godly Way. He had mastered so many Godly Ways, and could cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way.

Learning the second stage of the Power Shaping, which required the warrior to have extensive understanding of the power, was a challenge. The power of the Eight Path Platforms was obviously not enough to help Zen master the second stage. That was why Joy was astonished when he actually did it.

Zen had even been able to let the long sword, which was formed by the power, fly. It was inconceivable!

Even a consummate True God would be unable to do that, no matter if they had formed the Nine Divine Stars.

Once the power was used and released by the one who controlled it, it would become complete chaos and out of control. It was another reason brute power was not valued in the divine land.

Once one reached the cultivation level that Joy was at, they could give full play to their power after using the Cross-world Theurgy. However, Holy Beings normally did not need that kind of pure power. It was why Holy Jay had destroyed the nine stars after creating the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. He had poured the strength source into a large pool, and gave some of it to others from time to time.

If someone was at a low cultivation level, they couldn't use the power. When they were at a higher cultivation level, however, there was no need to use the power. It was an embarrassment of the body refiners.

Joy had made an exception in this case though.

She fused the Nine Divine Stars with her inner world. Her inner world was the Purple Sky Land, and had been built through the Purple Aura Godly Way. This meant that it was not an intact universe, so she would only become a Demi-holy Being.

Despite the fact that Joy didn't have a complete universe, she owned an omnipotent Cross-world Theurgy. From her understanding of the Purple Aura Godly Way, she was able to use all her strength to create a massive invisible sword array. The additional strength she had left was used to give full play to the Cross-world Theurgy, and the Power Shaping.

It was Joy's most powerful skill, and she had the utmost confidence in it.

In all her experience and knowledge, that far surpassed any ordinary True Gods, she never thought that what was occurring in front of her would ever be possible. She might just be a Demi-holy Being, but she was still incredibly powerful. The fact that a proving godly warrior was so easily able to do that blew her mind.

She was silent for a long while before mumbling, "No wonder. Judging by your performance in the Arena of Legends, it is still difficult for you to kill Sheridan. It is even more impossible for you to hurt Langston. Now I see the reason."

When Joy's words reached his ears, Zen sighed. He knew Joy was indeed an ou

riginal agreement, there is a warrior with the first-rank Purple Power Body in the Purple Power World!"

Margaret did indeed possess the first-rank Purple Power Body. However, the rank division of the Purple Power Body in the Evolutionary Universe seemed to be different than that of the divine land. At least he hadn't heard that the Purple Power Bodies of the disciples in the Purple Soul Hall would be divided into several ranks.

Joy's words seemed to dredge up a lot of memories for Zen.

The Purple Power World was special and incomplete supreme world. The rules of the Evolutionary Universe did not completely rule over this supreme world, and the Purple Power World hadn't seemed to have undergone the great extinction during the recurrent grand eras.

Zen was lost in thought for a long while, and when he came to the conclusion he looked at Joy. Joy knew what Zen wanted to confirm, so she said, "You're right. The Purple Power World is where I resided before. Your father has specially created it for me, and the Gods Killing Sword Array was created by your father and me. I have promised him that if a warrior with the first-rank Purple Power Body in the Evolutionary Universe existed, I would naturally let this warrior inherit the Gods Killing Sword Array. But I am not sure how Mike has arranged this matter."

She paused to collect her thoughts, curiosity flitting across her face. "As you have seen the Gods Killing Sword Array, you must know who is the one to employ it. Who is it? Does that warrior travel to the divine land?"

Zen took a moment to think.

After Zen stole into the divine land, he had been staying in the Vast Sky Region. He had been confused as to why he had reached the Han Clan's territory, but now he understood that this was his father's intention. His father hoped that he could rely on Joy.

He placed a finger on his nose, and replied unnaturally quietly, "The one who has displayed the Gods Killing Sword Array is my wife."

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