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   Chapter 2257 Power Shaping

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The warriors in the divine land had a thorough understanding of the Godly Ways.

Each of the Godly Ways was a mature and complete system unto itself.

But after years and years of hard research, a few talents had cut the internal momentum in the Godly Way, and with their comprehension, had created their own cultivation method. For example, Holy Jay's Ice Soul Flame and Yazid's Five Elements Destructing.

This type of cultivation method was known as the 'theurgy beyond way', which was a theurgy beyond the Godly Way.

Some theurgies were extremely powerful, such as the Ice Soul Flame. So far, there had been a countless number of True Gods who had wanted to take Holy Jay as their master so that they could practice the Ice Soul Flame.

The Five Elements Destructing was relatively ordinary and wasn't any more powerful than the theurgy of the Five Elements Godly Way. It was better to spend time on cultivating the Five Elements Godly Way than to the former, which was why the True Gods considered the Five Elements Destructing as ordinary and weren't interested in it.

The argument between supporters of the theurgy beyond way and that of the Godly Way was a lasting one. Some people said that the Godly Ways were the foundation of the divine land and that they should focus on cultivating the Godly Ways.

But there were also people who said that the theurgy beyond way was the future of the divine land. Strong creatures had deliberately created the 3000 Godly Ways. A greater chaos still existed outside the divine land, and being limited by the 3000 Godly Ways was not a good thing.

This argument was still ongoing with no conclusion in sight.

"The preciousness of the Might Godly Way is the single use of brute strength and is very powerful. Because the strength source can morph into various shapes, the effect is very direct. This is the natural advantage that the Might Godly Way has over other Godly ways," Joy said, waving her hand gently at the purple sky.

A sudden splash sounded and the snake-like giant beasts in the purple mist surged in one direction and disappeared before anyone could blink.

At the same time, twenty-one purple stars appeared in the sky.

Zen counted for a few seconds before he asked, "Shouldn't there be only nine stars? Why are there twenty-one?"

Joy smiled. There were nine sparkling lights among the twenty-one purple stars. They were beautiful and reflected different colors as gems under the sun.

Zen knew that it was the color of the strength source. There

e power was the strongest in this stage, but the conditions were most severe. Only those who had the Cross-world Theurgy could use it freely and that meant that this was an ability exclusive to Holy Beings.

Zen was placed somewhere between the second and the third stages. With the Cross-world Theurgy, he could easily turn the power into simple shapes, but his movements were not as flexible as Joy's.

Joy was about to teach him the basic principles but Zen spoke up. "Master, is this the first stage?"

Zen thrust his fist forward, a pure force gushing out of it and breaking through the purple mist in front of him. It formed an outline of his fist.

Joy remained calm at this, and said, "If you have comprehended the method of Power Shaping, why didn't I see you use it in the Arena of Legends?"

Since he was so talented, it wasn't strange to Joy that Zen had mastered this by himself.

Zen didn't answer. He continued demonstrating and said, "Is this the second stage?" He shook his fist slightly and waved his hand in the purple mist. Gradually, the outline of a long sword appeared in Zen's hand.


Only now did Joy show any semblance of surprise. She hadn't thought that Zen, a proving godly warrior, could have cultivated the Power Shaping to such a high level.

In fact, without the Cross-world Theurgy, Zen couldn't have learnt anything about Power Shaping. After all, Power Shaping was just one feature of the Cross-world Theurgy.

Zen grinned at Joy and grabbed the invisible sword. With a gentle wave, the sword flew into the purple mist and back, leaving a clear trail in the mist.

"Is this the third stage?" Zen asked, turning to look at Joy.

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