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   Chapter 2256 Purple Sky Land

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Laquisha, Aleyna and Kelsey were quite dear to everyone in the Han Clan.

Kelsey was the daughter of the master of the Han Clan while Laquisha and Aleyna were the daughters of the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan. Everyone held them in high esteem.

Zen was of great assistance to the three girls therefore he didn't think of it as a big deal when they visited him. However, he didn't expect them to come one after another.

Although Kelsey was a year younger than Aleyna, she was much more cunning than Aleyna was. As soon as her eyes fell on Joy who was sitting nearby, she bowed and said, "I'm so glad to see you, Aunt Joy. I missed you so much, so I came here today. Wow, you look much prettier than before."

Joy smiled with delight. "You always have a sweet tongue, but I think that you didn't miss me and you didn't come to see me, right?"

Kelsey was taken aback. "What do you mean? Aunt Joy," she stated nervously.

"Hmm, let me guess. You are here because you want to give Thad a gift for he has helped you that day, right?" Joy asked joyfully.

Kelsey hesitated but quickly regained her composure and said, "I'm just grateful that Thad helped me. I just wanted to thank him."

Joy gave Kelsey a broad smile. "That's totally fine, but why didn't you all three come together?" she questioned.

Kelsey was shocked when she heard what Joy had said. "Did Aleyna come here before me?" she enquired.

"Not only Aleyna but Laquisha also paid him a visit," smiled Joy.

This confused Kelsey.

Laquisha and Aleyna knew who Zen really was but Kelsey was unaware of Zen's identity.

She didn't know that Zen had already met the two sisters in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. She even thought that Zen had taught Keenan a lesson for her that day.

Thus, this came as a bit of a shock to her that both the sisters visited Thad alone.

Kelsey was able to hide her emotions and did not say much. She planned to take Thad to the Holy Emperor City which was under her father's control, in order to train him.

However, her father held some grudges against Joy and since Thad belonged to the Purple Soul Hall, Joy had a keen liking for him. Thus, taking him to the Holy Emperor City would be an uphill task.

Kelsey took out a blue necklace, which was the honoraria she had prepared for Zen. It was a supreme primordial weapon which could protect one's soul from being hurt.

Even though it was not a top-grade supreme primordial weapon, it was still of extrem

ts, Zen saw huge plants that were touching the sky. The leaves of these plants covered the sky and sun, and on the leaves hung countless purple bats.

The purple bats were startled by the high-pitched screams of the snakes. They rattled their wings with annoyance as they prepared to fly.

Everything appeared quite strange to Zen.

It felt as if Zen was in the Purple Power World.

Zen asked Joy, "What place is this?"

"Purple Sky Land. I built this universe." she beamed proudly.

The Purple Sky Land was a special universe. Joy acquired the title of Demi-holy Being because of the Purple Sky Land, and if Joy further perfected the Purple Sky Land, she also had the opportunity to become a Holy Being.

"Why am I here?" Zen asked curiously.

"I am unaware of where your strength came from, but I will teach you a method in the Might Godly Way, in this way you can exert your strength to the most extent. This cultivation method is mainly used by the True Gods who are able to condense the Nine Divine Stars. Although, you haven't activated a star yet, I believe that you would benefit from it a great deal."

'It's for the True Gods who have Nine Divine Stars?' he thought.

Zen was a little stunned. Not only had he fully condensed out the Nine Divine Stars, they were also present in his inner world.

Joy was unaware of the Primal Chaos Technique, and she was unaware that someone was quite skilled at it.

After Holy Jay gave Zen a large amount of strength source to gather nine stars, they automatically infused into Zen's inner world. Before Zen, only Holy Beings were able to merge the Nine Divine Stars with the universes.

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