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   Chapter 2254 Joy's Deduction (Part One)

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Although Joy's question came off lighthearted and casual, Zen had a hard time finding the words to answer her.

He had no clue whether or not Laquisha had gone anywhere other than the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. As the Princess Royal of the Han Clan, what she said and what she did were under the scrutiny of many. If Zen were to make up a story on the spot, he was afraid that Joy would see right through him in an instant.

Noticing the embarrassed look on Zen's face, Joy said indifferently, "I think Laquisha knows something—something important like your true identity. Over the years, I've never seen her leave the Floating Island. She's never even travelled to the Han Clan's ancestral land. In fact, the only time she left the Floating Island was to go to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. I can only deduce that if you met her before, then you could only have met her in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land."

Her eyes flickered with two rays of pale purple light, as though there were two worlds flowing deep within. She was attractive and resonated a curious beauty. Such powerful warriors at high levels of cultivation always had their unique and incomparable charm. "Divine citizens living outside the Floating Islands aren't qualified to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. Only the descendants and disciples of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands can enter. You just joined the Han Clan, and thus, I know you aren't from any of those wealthy clans."

Joy's analysis made Zen's heart jump from his chest to his mouth. If nothing else, he had to admit that she was very clever. She had a unique way of analyzing so many situations with such simple information.

"Most likely, you come

reated by Mike, and they did have a mother. Now that his guess had been confirmed by Joy, his curiosity was piqued of course, and he had to ask her more questions.

"You don't have to ask so many questions," said Joy with a light and friendly smile.

Zen's face was still gloomy. He hadn't expected Joy to guess what had happened with just a few words about Laquisha. And did she say that even Harold had tried fighting her? Could this mean that Joy was actually standing on the Luo Clan's opposing side? Zen had too many questions swimming in his mind. This was only one of several possibilities, but it definitely wasn't good news.

"What are you going to do?" Zen asked anew, frowning slightly. This time, he didn't even call her "Master," now that he knew she might actually be an enemy.

Joy's eyes flashed suddenly and she turned around; the cunning expression on her face left just as quickly as it came. She changed from a sly woman to an innocent girl, with eyes wide open. "Take it easy. The world is so boring! At that time, Mike wanted to make the world more interesting. I was looking forward to it, but he failed. What a pity!

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