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   Chapter 2253 Gossip

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After entering the Hall of True Gods, Zen won three consecutive battles, and his ranking steadily increased by more than a hundred places.

However, his ranking could only be seen within the Hall of True Gods by the ranking of his room door. Since he hadn't lost even a single battle, it was impossible to find him on the Jade Wall of Legends.

Now that he had put a space of a hundred ranks between himself and the low-rank True Gods just now, he had shattered all their expectations. There was a rule that participants could only challenge warriors within a hundred rankings from themselves, so these low-rank True Gods were no longer qualified to challenge Zen.

Moreover, Zen had already shown his strength by defeating three low-rank True Gods in a row.

People could claim that Zen's first victory had been a matter of luck. They could explain his second victory away as well by claiming that his opponent had taken him lightly. But after Zen's third victory, it would be downright stupid to downplay his skills and take him as a mere proving godly warrior.

No one took the initiative to challenge Zen again, and Zen also tried to choose his opponents randomly. Anyway, they were selected according to their rankings, so at his current level, Zen wouldn't face any opponent who was ridiculously strong.

His fourth opponent turned out to be Fletcher Li, a disciple of the Li Clan which ranked 17th among all the Floating Islands. His Godly Way was the Great Manipulating Way. The Great Manipulating Way could help one manipulate everything in the world. It was similar to the puppet techniques that Zen had seen before. It could also be considered the peak method of the puppet techniques. However, the Great Manipulating Way was much more overbearing, and one could exert thousands of invisible silk threads to break into an opponent's mind and manipulate their soul.

This time, Zen didn't let the silk threads enter his mind. He knew that Fletcher would make every effort to turn him into a puppet. If he allowed that to happen, he would face a lot more than a defeat. Once his soul was invaded, his opponent would be able to see his true identity and his deepest secrets. It would be his biggest problem.

The Great Manipulating Way was indeed very special, but its combat effectiveness was not very strong. Perhaps it was because there was no powerful puppet in Fletcher's hands. Some of the golden puppets he was using could not block Zen's attacks at all.

In the end, after a cautious battle, Fletcher was defeated and he left the Arena of Legends unwillingly. Because of the special nature of the Great Manipulating Way, Zen was unable to absorb this Godly Way.

If the Infinity Ruler could be activated freely, Zen would not be in such trouble. With the Infinity Ruler, he did not need to take any risks to take in the internal momentum of his opponent; he only needed to use his golden pupils to see through the internal momentum of his opponent. Just thinking about it made him feel depressed.

There was no day or night in the Hall of True Gods. All the disciples of the Floating Islands w

refined God-turning Pill was used only to accelerate the condensation of the Godly Tile. Only wealthy clans like the Han Clan would refine these pills for direct disciples. And since it was specially refined, it was, of course, rare.

Even Master Evil gasped in admiration at the extravagance of the wealthy clans when he noticed the seven times refined God-turning Pill.

"Thank you." Zen politely took this delicate brocade box from Laquisha's hand.

As their hands brushed against each other, Laquisha pinched his finger with great force. However, she'd forgotten that Zen's corporeal body was much tougher than a supreme primordial weapon. Zen didn't show any reaction whereas she felt a dull pain in her fingertips.

And although Laquisha had tried to be subtle and secretive, this gesture didn't go unnoticed by Joy's keen eyes. But Joy didn't want to question Laquisha about it now.

"May you prove a Godly Way as soon as possible and make a contribution to my Han Clan," Laquisha said to Zen.

"Now that I have become a disciple of the Han Clan, I must make a contribution..."

After exchanging a few conventional remarks with Zen in front of Joy, Laquisha said goodbye and left. As soon as she turned around, the smile on her face disappeared without a trace. It was replaced by an expression of extreme disappointment, and even a little anger.

When she had come to see Zen, she had been hoping to have an opportunity to talk to him alone. She hadn't expected Joy to directly bring Zen to her palace.

Laquisha had even implied that she would have a talk with Thad alone, but Joy had pretended not to understand her words and had shown no signs of leaving. In addition to giving the gift to Zen, Laquisha had wasted her time.

After Laquisha left her palace, Joy stared at Zen with great interest and asked, "Thad, have you ever met Princess Royal outside the Floating Island?"

Seeing Joy's strong desire to get the truth out of him, Zen sighed in his heart. Even though Joy was a Demi-Holy Being, she still liked to gossip. This was very abnormal.

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