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   Chapter 2252 A Trap

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In Hardy's opinion, this anonymous man was quite powerful.

Even if he put aside the man's ability to instantly comprehend his Godly Way during their battle, he judged that the man was much stronger than the low-rank True Gods who had just proved the Godly Ways.

But regardless of the anonymous man's abilities, he was still only a proving godly warrior. Hardy was already in a bad mood after losing to him, but his mood worsened when the other low-rank True Gods surrounded him and kept annoying him with questions. Even though he was a straightforward and simple-minded man, he was willing to watch them lose their points to the anonymous man.

As he had expected, the group of True Gods relaxed upon hearing his words.

Then, they began to chide Hardy for his carelessness as if they were superior to him.

"How could you be so careless?"

"No matter how weak the opponent is, you should always keep vigilant!"

"You've lost to a mere proving godly warrior. I hope you learned your lesson. Hey, hey, wait for me..."

After saying a few perfunctory words to Hardy, the True Gods rushed to Zen's door. They didn't want to miss the chance to beat a proving godly warrior. For them, it seemed like an easy way to gain points.

As a result, the few True Gods swarmed in front of Zen's door, blocking it completely.

Seeing this group of fellows rushing toward Zen's door, the other low-rank True Gods had puzzled expressions on their faces. However, it was only when Zen opened the door that they realized that there was a proving godly warrior who had begun to challenge warriors above his level. As a result, more low-rank True Gods went up to Zen's door. They all thought that they could beat this proving godly warrior and earn easy points.

On the other hand, Zen was shocked to see so many low-rank True Gods gathered in front of his door. He glared at them and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Quick, accept my challenge!"

"I'm even weaker than Hardy. Maybe you can also defeat me!"

"Choose me..."

These low-rank True Gods all eagerly tried to lure Zen into choosing them to challenge next.

Zen rolled his eyes, and then suddenly realized that these people couldn't see his expression as he was still in an anonymous state.

According to Joy, as long as he won consecutively without losing any battles, it would be easy for him to amass a large number of points. So, it was actually a good thing for him that so many people were enthusiastically waiting to challenge him. He could pick them one by one and defeat them.

After all, these guys were the weakest of the low-rank True Gods. Some of them had just proved the Godly Ways and their Godly Tiles were not stable yet, so naturally, they couldn't exert their full strength. Otherwise, they wouldn't be picking on a proving godly warrior for the sake of points. However, with Zen's current ability, it would be a piece of cake for him to defeat them.

But on second thought, Zen found the whole commotion a little strange and realized that he was being too optimistic.

These guys were clamoring to challenge Zen only because they didn't know his real strength

hich little boy could be so radical. It's just two consecutive wins. Just keep paying attention to him."

In addition to the Qin Clan, there were also a few other powerful clans that were keeping an eye on Zen. It was likely that they had all come to the same conclusion.

After Zen defeated the second low-rank True God, he gained 75 points for his victory as well as an extra reward for his consecutive win, which was another 75 points. Thus, he obtained a total of 150 points. It was true that he could gain a lot of points by challenging True Gods, but only if he managed not to lose any battles.

But despite his victory, Zen looked a little upset when he reached his room. Shaking his head, he thought to himself, 'I risked so much but I couldn't activate the Infinity Ruler. It's a pity that I couldn't absorb his internal momentum. The Infinity Ruler is really hard to use.'

When Zen opened his door again, there were still countless low-rank True Gods waiting outside his door, but this time, many of them had cautious expressions in their eyes.

They knew that Zen had to have more than just luck on his side now that he had won two battles against low-rank True Gods in a row. This anonymous man must have unusual strength.

"Hey, do you want to challenge me?" Zen's voice sounded again from his blurry face.

The True Gods who had been relentlessly arguing with one another to challenge Zen now fell silent all of a sudden. They were all secretly considering Zen's true strength.

After a few seconds of silence, one of them finally decided to take the risk. "I...I challenge you!"

"I'll wait for you!"

Zen smiled and went back into his room.

After he closed the door of his room, the True Gods gathered outside fell into a dilemma. If this fellow's strength was ordinary, then wouldn't this be a chance for them to gain points?

However, they didn't have to think about it long this time. After just 90 seconds, the door of Zen's room flashed blue and then shot upwards.

Seeing Zen's door soaring up again, these True Gods found themselves at a loss for words.

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