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   Chapter 2251 One Strike

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Zen was in an anonymous state, so his face was distorted into a constant blur and Hardy couldn't discern the difference in his eyes.

Now, after absorbing the Destruction Godly Way into his Infinity Ruler, Zen put more distance between Hardy and himself.

He paused for about five seconds, and then with a gentle wave of his hand, he slowly emitted a bright white light from his palm.

As the light condensed, it turned into a broad blade radiance.

The most powerful way of using a Godly Way was to activate it with the momentum; a Godly Way had to be matched with one's Godly Tile.

Although Zen didn't have a Godly Tile, the internal momentum of the Destruction Godly Way that he released using the chaotic energy seemed to be purer and shinier than the blade radiance that Hardy had released.

" is it possible?" Hardy stammered in bewilderment. He was stunned to see the large blade radiance in Zen's hand. "You've cultivated the Destruction Godly Way too?"

The Destruction Godly Way was not like the Five Elements Godly Way.

There was almost no threshold to practice the Five Elements Godly Way, so the vast majority of warriors could cultivate the Five Elements Godly Way.

There were many other extremely powerful Godly Ways in the divine land, but the thresholds of cultivating these Godly Ways were very high. When Hardy said that he was a little talented in cultivating the Destruction Godly Way, he was actually being modest. A warrior who cultivated the Destruction Godly Way to a certain degree would be unstoppable, but there weren't many people who were capable of doing it.

All of a sudden, Hardy saw Zen use the skill of the Destruction Godly Way and, overwhelmed with astonishment, wondered if Zen had just learned the Destruction Godly Way from him.

But that was impossible!

He had met a lot of talents in his life, including a few elders of the Qin Clan, who were all outstanding talents not only among the clan members but also among all the warriors from the Floating Islands. And yet, none of them were as talented as the warrior standing in front of Hardy now. Who else would be able to understand and comprehend the Godly Way of their opponent while battling them?

If Hardy breathed so much as a word about this when the battle was over, no one would believe him.

"The Destruction Godly Way is focused on destroying everything. Among hundreds of thousands of weapons, only the powerful but precise force of a blade can wield it. It is indeed the right choice to condense the light into a blade," Zen said with a faint smile.

When Hardy heard these words, all his suspicions were confirmed. It was obvious that Zen had indeed just mastered the Destruction Godly Way during their battle.

But it was still too unbelievable for him to accept.

" must have already tried to cultivate the Destruction Godly Way and encountered some bottleneck. Then, while battling me, you saw me using it and overcame that

he door of Zen's room suddenly flashed. Then, it turned into a blue ray of light and quickly shot upward from the side of the Hall of True Gods.

"Huh? His moving up!"

"The rank of the anonymous man has risen!"

"He actually defeated Hardy..."

The low-rank True Gods who had been waiting for the anonymous man to emerge could do nothing but look at his door in awe and surprise as it moved up. They hadn't expected at all that Hardy would lose this battle.

The rankings of these doors in the Hall of True Gods represented the warriors' rankings.

Zen had never been ranked so far, so his name would not be displayed on the Jade Wall of Legends. However, the position of his door would still change.

Now that Zen had won the match with Hardy, his rank and his door rose up sixteen spots.


The mobile blue light quickly transformed into the shape of a door frame before fading.

At the same time, the door of Hardy's room swung two spots downward. He had already reached the bottom floor, so he couldn't lose much. It was impossible for him to fall to the level of proving godly warriors.


While the low-rank True Gods were discussing the outcome of the battle with disbelief on their faces, Hardy walked out of his room with a gloomy expression.

"Hardy, were you really defeated by that anonymous man?"

"Did you lose to him on purpose? Or because of your carelessness?"

"Or is it because that guy is really capable?"

When Hardy heard these anxious questions, his disappointment was replaced by annoyance. He had always been a fair person, and had thought that it was unfair to fight with the anonymous man whose cultivation level was lower than his. And yet, Hardy had lost to him. It had come as a heavy blow to him.

A wicked thought emerged from his irritated mood. With a sly expression on his face, he said to them, "That guy's strength is ordinary. I was just too careless. Otherwise, I wouldn't have lost to him!"

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