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   Chapter 2250 Badgering

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After summoning his momentum from his inner world, a bright white light suddenly burst forth around Hardy's right hand.

This bright light slowly coalesced and formed itself into a milky white blade.

"The Destruction Godly Way is practiced by very few people. My personality is not very suitable for it but it seems I have a bit of talent on it," Hardy explained modestly.

His explanation rendered Zen speechless.

This Qin Clan disciple was quite interesting. His manner of speaking was so fastidious despite the fact that he was just about to fight an enemy.

Zen was so close to just attacking him immediately to catch him off-guard but he restrained himself.

He didn't want to gain his victory through trickery. His goal was one million and two hundred thousand points. Earning so many points couldn't be done through mere deception.

If he was being honest, Zen didn't really feel that his task was realistic.

It was true that he defeated Sheridan who had been ranked 40th but that was through a sucker punch using the strength source. Had Sheridan been at full strength then the battle might have turned out differently.

However, he was quite confident in defeating Hardy. Still though, after winning consecutive victories, Zen's points and ranking would quickly rise. That meant fighting with more and more powerful opponents which was going to be challenging for him. If those True Gods didn't underestimate him then he might have a slimmer chance of defeating them.

He also couldn't use the Emotion Closing Godly Way which was his most powerful trump card. Up to now, Zen had no idea how he was going to face against those True Gods.

Joy was the one who arranged for him to take part in this event. He could only hope that she prepared something for him. Right now, Zen had no choice but to adapt in his fights and try his best to win consecutive victories.

Zen waited patiently for Hardy to get ready.


The milky white blade had condensed in Hardy's hand and was almost like an extension of his arm. As the blade radiance completely congealed into shape, it continued to emit countless tiny beams of light and made it look illusory.

From this blade radiance alone, Zen felt a strong force of destruction.

'A Godly Way activated through the Godly Tile is able to reach a higher level. Hardy is one of the weakest low-rank True Gods but his strength cannot be underestimated...' Zen surmised to himself.

"I'm ready now," Hardy said with a smile. "What about you? Where are your weapons? Show me your weapons!"

As a low-rank True God, Hardy felt that this battle was truly unfair to his opponent. Now that he had condensed his de

Hardy was forced to use his trump card.

The Air Destruction skill was something he comprehended through the Destruction Godly Way. He still wasn't that familiar with it so he avoided using it against his opponents but the pressure he felt from Zen was too much and he found himself revealing this hidden move of his.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless crescent destruction blades condensed and flew around aimlessly within three thousand feet of Hardy. These blades constantly collided and garroted against each other, providing him with a sharp, powerful shield.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

There was no need to panic. Zen remained calm and simply used his movement technique against his opponent.

These destruction blades were extremely sharp and contained a formidable destructive power but they weren't very fast. All the blades did was to fly around at a very slow speed.

Once he used the Eight Smoky Melodies, Zen's body became light as a feather and he found himself easily dancing around the destruction blades. As he did so, he also absorbed the internal momentum Hardy had spread out.

"What, what the hell are you doing?!" Hardy shouted. He couldn't stand it having Zen badger him without attacking. If it were anyone else, then they might've already launched fiercer attacks but Zen didn't seem to have any plans of doing so.

However, Zen chose not to answer his question.

The next moment, his eyes were already open wide and the edges of his pupils covered with two golden rings. These rings continued to break the mystery of the internal momentum Hardy had comprehended.

Not long after....

a faint light appeared on a scale on the Infinity Ruler. As the faint light dissipated, a round blade was left behind — the mark of the Destruction Godly Way.

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