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   Chapter 2249 So Popular

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A gentle light from the Jade Wall of Legends enveloped Zen and everything around him faded away. He had entered the Jade Wall of Legends.

This time, however, he wasn't sent to the battlefield directly. Instead, he came upon an empty room.

"Eh? What happened?" Zen looked around in confusion.

In the past, he would always directly enter the battlefield with an opponent already pitted against him. Why then did he come upon this empty room?

He walked around and noticed strange divine textures carved on the walls. As he looked around, he also found a small door tucked away on one side of the room.

Zen made his way towards the door and pushed it open. As soon as he did, a ray of light hit his eyes and momentarily blinded him. At the same time, he heard a loud noise.

"So noisy..." he murmured as he opened his eyes.

Outside was a huge annular space where small doors were densely packed in a spiral, forming a sort of staircase.

In this space were countless low-rank True Gods. Some in small groups and barking loudly, others whispering to each other. There were so many of them which made the place such a mess.

"Where the hell am I?" Zen asked himself in astonishment.

"Oh, a proving godly warrior has come in," a young man wearing a golden crown bedecked with emeralds remarked. The young man had been standing beside Zen and was now gazing at him with surprise.

He sized Zen up and his expression became even weirder. "Wow, he is an anonymous man!" he exclaimed loudly.

His voice caught the attention of the other low-rank True Gods who also then stared at Zen. With Joy's help, Zen was able to hide not just his name, but also his appearance. Anyone who tried to look at him would end up seeing a blurred face and nothing more.

"He really is a proving godly warrior."

"Is he going to challenge higher-leveled warriors?"

"Which powerful clan is he from? How can he have the confidence to challenge those of a higher level than him?"

Challenging warriors of a higher level wasn't rare in the Arena of Legends. However, they only saw low-rank True Gods challenged mid-rank True Gods, mid-rank True Gods challenged the top-rank ones and top-rank ones challenged consummate True Gods.

The difference in strength between a low-rank True God and a mid-rank one wasn't very big so there were a lot of warriors at the low-rank True God level who challenged those a level higher than them.

It was much more difficult for a mid-rank True God to go against a top-rank True God since the latter could fly and thus had an adv

se of this anonymous proving godly warrior, they became competitors now.

Meanwhile, Zen was back inside his room and he followed the young man's instructions. He was quickly able to figure out how to use the divine textures on the wall. All he needed to do was to use the room number and he would be able to challenge anyone in the Hall of True Gods at any time.

As he was fumbling around, one of the divine textures flashed. He touched it and immediately understood the information contained within: the young man had already challenged him.

Hardy Qin from the Qin Clan. He had one hundred and ninety-three points and was ranked after one million and nine hundred thousandth.

Such meager points were shabby for Zen but were, in fact, normal for someone like Hardy who had just stepped into the Hall of True Gods and lost a battle.

Zen quickly accepted the challenge and the scenery around him changed once again. He finally stepped into the Arena of Legends.

Hardy, his opponent, stood across from him. "Although it's unfair to challenge you with my cultivation level, you accepted the challenge. Therefore, you yourself have chosen to participate in this battle. Surely you're well-prepared, right?"

Zen stretched his arms and legs, giving Hardy a smile. "Of course."

"Then I won't be mercy," Hardy said, giving Zen a polite bow. All wealthy clans paid great attention to points and rankings. As a direct disciple of the Qin Clan, the young man was under a lot of pressure and he was eager to win a battle in order to prove his strength.

After bowing, a great power suddenly surged out from Hardy's body. He looked up and his eyes shone with confidence that he would definitely win.

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