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   Chapter 2248 An Impossible Task

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In Zen's eyes, a Demi-holy Being was almost an omnipotent existence.

'What does she want from me?' he thought.

"Last time, you motivated the disciples of our Purple Soul Hall, and their rankings have risen significantly in the Arena of Legends, but… It is far from enough!" Joy said lightly.

The Purple Soul Hall was highly important to Joy. Thus, how could she bear to expel those disciples?

Everyone had their own ambitions, and a Demi-holy being was no different.

"It's far from enough, but what does it have to do with me..." asked Zen. There were more than thirty thousand people in the Purple Soul Hall. It was too many of them.

Thus, she couldn't rely on Zen alone to increase the Purple Soul Hall's total number of points, could she?

He did earn a lot of points recently, but it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the entirety of the Purple Soul Hall.

"I want you to earn more points," Joy gazed at Zen and said with a smile.

"More? How many?" he asked incredulously. He was clearly quite speechless. He never expected that his speculation would turn out right. Perhaps, Joy really planned to pin all her hopes on him to turn the tables around.

"You need to earn one million and two hundred thousand points more. That is equivalent to every Purple Soul Hall disciple earning forty points on average. If that still doesn't work, then I will have no choice but to eliminate the ten percent of the disciples who are ranked at the bottom," Joy calculated as her lips curved up into a charming smile.

Zen almost choked in disbelief as he heard the number. He paused for a while before he repeated, "One million and two hundred thousand points..."

To his surprise, Joy replied flatly, "Yes. Is it difficult? Back then, I earned three million points in the Arena of Legends!"

"What was your cultivation level at that time, Master?" asked Zen. "A consummate True God!"


There was a pause. Zen couldn't help but roll his eyes at her.

Of course, the True Gods at the consummate level naturally had many, many points.

They had so much that the top masters recorded on the Jade Wall of Legends had over a million points!

It was safe to say that the several consummate True Gods from some clans could directly determine their clans' rankings!

However, there were only a few consummate True Gods in each clan. Unlike the battles of ordinary True Gods, which were usually held three times every month, a battle between consummate True Gods often drew great attention. So much that sometimes, there wasn't a single fight between consummate True Gods once every few years.

Since the points of powerful warriors at the top rarely had significant changes, many clans focused on the True Gods at the bottom to improve the overall points. It was a more practical and stable way to keep their rankings. After all, some consummate True Gods might lose hundreds of thousands or even over a million points in one battle.

"Defeating a proving godly warrior in a battle only earns me several hundred points, and that already includes the

nd nodded.

"Give me your jade token," Joy suddenly said and reached out to him.

His hands fished out the jade token from his pocket and handed it to her. Then, Joy gently stroke the token with her slender fingers until it glowed green. She gave it back to him and said, "Now, when you go into the Arena of Legends, your opponent can't find out your name. In other words, it is like you're anonymous."

"Really? Can it even work in this way?" he asked. Curiosity filled his mind as he took back his jade token.

"It's normal. Some warriors from the rich and powerful clans would do so when they don't want to attract attention. But the anonymous function only works on your opponents that challenge you. Once you lose, your name will appear on the ranking list," Joy said. "And... From now on, you can enter the Arena of Legends from here," she added.

As soon as she was done, she clapped her hands.

The hall began to vibrate slightly as the Jade Wall of Legends, which was thirty feet tall, rose from the ground. This Jade Wall of Legends was rather small compared to an ordinary one, but it was possible for three people to enter the Arena of Legends at the same time.

Joy was a little tired after she had finished her arrangement. A yawn escaped her lips, then she said, "You can enter the Arena of Legends at any time. I've already helped you apply for the battles to challenge warriors at a higher level. I'll have to rest first..."

Once she was done speaking, her body emanated a purple mist that surrounded her. The mist soon dissipated, and so did she.

'I can't believe a Demi-holy Being would feel sleepy. She must be acting; it's too obvious, ' Zen thought as he pursed his lips.

After a few moments, he walked towards the Jade Wall and inserted his own jade token into it.


The Jade Wall of Legends started to tremble, and some information about him began to appear on it. Just as what Joy had said after she helped him to become anonymous, his name was blurry, and there was no way for anyone to know it.

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