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   Chapter 2247 Purpose

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Zen had been personally permitted by Joy to be a part of the Purple Soul Hall.

But after Mae brought him in, he hadn't talked with Joy much.

It was as if she only viewed Zen as an ordinary disciple who had entered her Hall, so she did not bother contacting him.

In fact, those who were familiar with Joy were well aware that her restriction of only being able to recruit disciples in possession of the Purple Power Body meant that they were not as talented as the disciples of other Holy Beings. They were far weaker in strength and power and often left unnoticed.

Zen was someone who had been recommended by the Heavenly Han House. A talent like him would be regarded with interest and attention even if he were to enter the Holy Emperor City. But Joy turned a blind eye to Zen as soon as he entered the Purple Soul Hall, which was rather unusual considering his potential.

What Zen did not know was that Joy had been a silent spectator to his activities all this time.

She had noticed Zen from the moment he stepped into the Arena of Legends for the first time; how he had encouraged the people around him; to the time when he won all the battles in the Arena of Legends. Joy had kept a constant eye on him throughout his endeavors.

Others might be unable to watch what was inside the Jade Wall of Legends, but this was not a problem for Joy. She had been a witness to almost all of Zen's battles.

As a Demi-holy Being, it was no doubt that Joy had a keen eye.

She knew that Zen did not possess the Purple Power Body, but he was capable of displaying the Purple Aura Godly Way through a special magic weapon instead. As for what magic weapon it was, even Joy, who was in possession of a wide range of knowledge, had not yet realized.

But what surprised Joy was Zen's actual strength.

He had won more than thirty times in a row ever since he entered the Arena of Legends. He easily won in the face of the proving godly warriors. The chasm between him and his opponents was huge, and Joy could not wrap her head around the phenomenon. It was as if a low-rank True God had fought the proving godly warriors. The gap in strength could not be so easily overlooked.

Joy was unaware of Zen's true hidden strength because the proving godly warriors were yet to test his limits. Zen, on the other hand, was almost dismissive in his behavior toward them. He seemed as if he did not even take them very seriously.

Zen's words were indeed arrogant and even Pascal wouldn't dare say those words. But Joy showing up was a sign that the Demi-holy Being of Han Clan was on Zen's side.

"Master," Zen said, bowing to Joy. He did not know much about Joy and had hardly expected her to turn up. Although Joy was no master of his, he still referred to her as

iercing through every inch of him.

Zen's secret must never be let out to outsiders.

Even Laquisha and Aleyna couldn't be fully trusted, which was why Zen had disguised himself and avoided them.

It was impossible for Zen to tell his secret even when confronted by the Demi-holy Being, Joy. He was under great pressure when facing such a strong warrior. He cleared his throat unwillingly.

"When I was a child, I received a great opportunity, so I cultivated from the level of an ordinary divine citizen..."

Zen was merely making something up when Joy waved her hand at him intently. An invisible force spread out and he found himself unable to continue.

"You are quite powerful, and you also seem far too familiar with making up lies. You must have lied a lot, correct?" Joy's eyebrows curved up like a new moon as she stared at Zen and clicked her tongue.

Although Zen had been exposed straightaway, he remained calm. "Everyone has their secrets. If I end up revealing mine to others, it would be like losing my soul. I will not survive it. I hope you can understand."

"Look at you... why are you so nervous? I didn't say that I won't understand." Joy smiled at his reply.

If she truly wanted to fish out Zen's secret, it would not be difficult for her. However, as a Demi-holy Being, Joy tended to agree with Zen. All had their secrets and hidden agendas. If one forced others to disclose them, it could have unnecessary and dangerous consequences.

However, Joy had not asked for a secret. Joy continued, "If you want to keep your secret, you need to do something else in order to prove yourself."

Joy would not offend Alfredo over a proving godly warrior for no reason. Since she had taken such pains to take Zen away, she must have a purpose in mind.

"What do I have to do?" Zen asked, his gaze full of curiosity.

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