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   Chapter 2246 Arrogance

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The news about Sheridan's death had not spread yet. At the very least, no one from the Xie Clan had come to the Floating Island of Han Clan to seek revenge, for now.

However, the Han Clan still took the matter seriously.

In fact, the Xie Clan and the Liu Clan—which ranked last, both didn't have high status nor much authority in the Time Sea.

Although the two clans were both led by Holy Beings, they didn't have a strong foundation. Therefore, they were most likely to fall into the Time Sea if they were in a fierce competition.

Generally speaking, the wealthy and powerful clans must be guarded by Holy Beings, but it didn't mean that a clan with Holy Beings was qualified to stay above the Time Sea.

There were indeed some clans in the divine land that were not powerful enough but had a Holy Being in their families. Their comprehensive strength did not qualify them to enter the Time Sea, or to have a Floating Island to their name.

Therefore, to enter the Time Sea did not depend on a Holy Being, but on the whole clan's comprehensive strength.

Of course, the Han Clan was not afraid of the Xie Clan to the point that even the death of several core disciples was not a big deal for them. However, the Xie Clan had good relationships with some powerful clans on the Floating Islands. Moreover, the Han Clan should be responsible for the problem, and they would be in trouble if the Xie Clan wanted to avenge Sheridan's death.

On top of that, the Han Clan had to get everything ready. However, Alfredo needed to figure something out first.

"Please tell me your name," said Alfredo, who was in the middle of the hall.

Despite his calm tone, there was an undeniable edge to his voice. It was like thunder that resounded in Zen's ears, which made him seem like he was the only God between heaven and earth.

That was the aura that a God should have.

In turn, Zen looked up at the clan leader in front of him. He had never seen such a character like the man before. He was so shocked that his facial muscles refused to move and make any expression at all.

"Thad Luo," Zen replied flatly.

"Do you know why you are tied here?" Alfredo asked with a smile. When Zen heard the question, he couldn't help having a sinking feeling in his chest.

Apparently, the top masters of the rich clans in the divine land also liked to talk a load of garbage.

The Han Clan had tied him up and brought him to this place just because he had killed Sheridan. He didn't have to answer such a question again. 'Do the True Gods present intend to set up a court trial?' Zen wondered.

"I'm very curious. You are all the top martial artists in the divine land, while I am just a proving godly warrior. Why did you tie me up like this? Are you afraid that I will escape?" he suddenly asked. The sm

ds from a mere proving godly warrior shocked the senior leaders of the Han Clan to their core.

On the left side of Alfredo, a middle-aged man in red armor burst into laughter. "Little guy, are you crazy? Do you just overrate yourself? You may be talented, but we have a lot of talented disciples. There is no lack of such outsiders like you in our clan. It's a good thing to be confident, but it's ridiculous to be arrogant!"

The others present nodded in agreement. They all thought that Zen was wildly arrogant as well.

They had lived for so many divine eras, but they had never seen such a reckless talent like him.

The smile on Alfredo's face was completely gone now. Everyone was bound to dislike an arrogant person. "Maybe I was wrong. You don't belong to the two types of people I just mentioned. You're a conceited warrior," he said coldly.

In Zen's defense, he did know that his words would annoy them, but he didn't want to die. He wanted to have a chance to prove his worth. He believed that he was valuable enough for the Han Clan to protect him.

Even if both Aleyna and Laquisha might take actions, he didn't know if that would stop the Han Clan's decision.

He could guess that the reason Alfredo wanted to see him was because he wanted to determine if he was worth it or not.

Just then, a gentle voice rang throughout the hall and said, "I believe handing this young man over to the Xie Clan must be the stupidest thing for the Han Clan to do ever since the beginning of the divine era!"

The owner of the voice was none other than Joy, the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan. When her words had died down, she stepped fully inside the Spiritual Heart Hall. She glanced at Zen with a smile, and then said, "I wonder why you didn't go to the Arena of Legends today. Now, it turns out that you came here to rest. Come back with me right now."

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