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   Chapter 2245 Take Responsibility

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Pascal didn't quite know what happened.

However, if Sheridan was really dead, it was a matter of great importance.

According to the rules set by the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands, sub-branches' disciples along with the noncore disciples could die. But the killer was to be severely dealt with if one of the core disciples died.

Due to Sheridan's high position in the Xie Clan, the clan members wouldn't let his death slide so easily.

Pascal had his eyes fixed upon Zen. "My name is Thad Luo," Zen said.

"Did you kill Sheridan?" Pascal asked Zen.

Pascal didn't know much about Sheridan. Although Sheridan had performed well in the core disciples of the wealthy clans, his efforts weren't enough to get Pascal's attention.

Almost all the members of the wealthy clans were quite powerful. Sheridan was a low-rank True God, while Zen was only a proving godly warrior. The thought that a proving godly warrior killed a low-rank True God confused Pascal.

"I killed Sheridan," Zen replied seriously.

It wasn't Zen's intentions to run from the fact that he killed Sheridan.

"Why did you kill him?" Pascal questioned.

Aleyna quickly rushed to Zen's aid and said, "You ask him why? Don't you know the answer to it yourself? It's not his fault," Aleyna stated.

Pascal had a rough idea as to what might have happened, even though he was not present there.

Pascal was one of the most dignified disciples in the younger generations. He enjoyed a high position in the Han Clan. All the elders of the Han Clan respected him dearly. Although, his two younger sisters weren't afraid of confronting him from time to time.

Aleyna angrily confronted Pascal but was unable to get a reaction from him.

Laquisha intervened and said, "This is not the time to play the blame game."

Everyone looked at Laquisha as she finished speaking.

The fingermarks on her face were long gone but her pretty little face was swollen.

Pascal's heart was filled with sorrow when he saw Laquisha's face. He took out a bunch of emerald green grass from his Sumeru Space. In the middle of the grass was a blooming flower, and in the middle of the stamens was a small human face.

The human face in the middle of the grass screamed as Pascal squashed and crushed it. Then he put it on Laquisha's face.

This healed Laquisha's face and her swelling subsided.

"I know, but someone has to take some responsibility for this,"

as the current leader of the Han Clan, Alfredo Han.

At that night...

Zen's injuries healed at a rapid pace. Grant, who had helped Zen get better was quite surprised by how quickly he could recover. After Zen fully recovered, Grant tied him with a rope and sent him to the Spiritual Heart Hall in the Han Clan's Floating Island.

Dozens of top-rank True Gods lined up in the Spiritual Heart Hall and on the floating platform at the top of the hall stood several warriors who were at the consummation of True God Realm.

Although these masters hid their breath, a strong aura was developing in the Spiritual Heart Hall. All the masters fixed their eyes on Zen as he made his way through the hall. They were curious as to find out who was the outer disciple that was able to cause such a commotion by killing Sheridan.

Zen felt quite nervous as he saw all those eyes were fixed on him. He still mustered the courage to look up.

"Sheridan was pretty close to the top rankings of the low-rank True Gods. How can this guy kill him as he is only a proving godly warrior from the outside the Floating Island?"

When people present there heard this, their faces dropped with utter shock.

Once warriors had obtained the Godly Way, the Godly Tile had raised their own cultivation too much. Therefore, it was quite hard for this proving godly warrior to kill someone with a Godly Tile. Even among the children of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands, only few were able to cross the gap. People wouldn't believe it if they heard that a little fellow from outside the Floating Island could kill a low-rank True God.

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