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   Chapter 2244 Who Are You

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Pascal Han did not possess a very impressive height nor was he physically appealing. However, after he entered the hall, he gave a remarkable aura.

Most of the playboys and disciples of the wealthy clans in the Floating Islands were already proving godly warriors, low-rank True Gods, or mid-rank True Gods.

After reaching the level of the top-rank True God, they stopped their practices and focused on reaching the consummation of True God Realm and other higher levels. The mid-rank True Gods had the supreme power among the wealthy clans. After all, their cultivation level was the most powerful one in this circle and their strength was naturally the strongest.

Pascal ranked first in the mid-rank True Gods, and was also the strongest among the younger generation of these clans.

Hence, Pascal scoffed at these so called 'playboys'.

These playboys were divided into four to five circles depending on their clan backgrounds. In the past, they had tried to impress Pascal, but he rarely bothered about them much.

Pascal glanced at Langston indifferently and looked around. Soon, his eyes fell on Laquisha.

The slap received from Langston was quite hard. Her swollen cheek and clear palm print were proofs of that.

Pascal's blood boiled when he saw the palm print and he asked coldly, "Who hit you?"

Before Laquisha could say anything, Aleyna pointed at Langston and shouted, "He was the idiot who hit her!"

With his eyes fixed on Langston, Pascal replied casually, "You are a bold man, Langston, to do such a gross thing."

Langston asked coldly, "Pascal, do you even know what your sister did?"

Langston firmly believed that he had the right to teach Laquisha a lesson. After all, she was to marry into their clan sooner or later. No man could remain indifferent after what she did.

But Pascal was slowly advancing towards Langston as he said, "I don't care what my sister has done. Whoever dares to hit her, he or she must be prepared to face the consequences!"

Seeing Pascal approach him, Langston started to retreat. He raised his hands in defense and continued to explain, "Pascal, there is a reasonable explanation for everything. Our Leng Clan..."

Langston thought that after hearing his own clan's name, Pascal might stop. After all, the Leng Clan was much richer and more powerful than the Han Clan.

But Pascal left him with zero chance.

Everyone felt that a great force was about to be released. All of a sudden, everyone's shoulders got heavy. Soon, Pascal was rush

gends was just a game for the children. If one wanted to obtain full strength in their own clan, they should be able to at least stand for themselves and be heard among others after reaching the consummation of True God Realm. This was the rule of most wealthy clans.

Hogan was speechless after Pascal's statement. Because what Pascal said was indeed the truth.

"Now get out of our Han Clan's Floating Island," Pascal shouted angrily.

The people from the other wealthy clans slightly trembled as they heard Pascal. Having left with nothing to say, they walked out of the hall with their heads bowed. Hogan also followed them, carrying Langston on his shoulder. Before he left, Hogan said, "It is true that we are no one to represent the Leng Clan, but someone has to be responsible for Sheridan's death."

As he said this, Hogan glared at Zen before leaving.

Earlier, as soon as Pascal had entered the hall, he noticed a pool of blood in the middle of the hall. But at that time he was not aware that Sheridan had been killed.

After the men left, he asked with a cool expression, "Who killed Sheridan?"

Those men from the wealthy clans might not have decision-making power amongst themselves, but if they died, then things would get terribly serious.

It was the same case like children when at home might not have much power, but if something happened to them, the parents would definitely demand an explanation. And the wealthy clans were no exception.

"It's him who killed Sheridan," said one of the disciples of the Han Clan, pointing at Zen.

Pascal turned his head and stared at Zen. He was a little confused, and then asked coldly, "Who are you?"

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