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   Chapter 2243 Pascal Han

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Sensing Laquisha's affection, Zen's heart skipped a beat.

For him, the trip to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was mainly for training purpose. He didn't expect to leave such a long-lasting impression on this woman.

But keeping in mind what lay ahead, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Zen never ever wanted to rely on a woman to help him.

Ever since he started to cultivate martial arts, he never expected anyone to help him. However, he always remembered those who did help him, assuring them that he had their back at the time of need.

Later, he found out that his father had been decorating his life secretly, helping him to improve. Zen was once very depressed, which however was due to his own nature.

A solemn expression crept upon Langston's face as he walked around the flame.

He had already heard of this blue preternatural fire, so he found it wise not to touch it.

But that didn't mean that he couldn't deal with the flame.

If this woman took that guy in with the blue preternatural fire, it would probably be a great shame for him if this thing spread out. He didn't expect Laquisha to behave like this as she didn't even think of his clan's reputation.

If the guy had been burned to ashes, it would have been quite logical for Laquisha to remove the flame. But why did she keep the flame burning?

The spectators nervously glanced at each other, with a puzzled expression on their faces.

Langston had had enough. He stretched out his hands and clapped, a series of sharp claw prints spread out from his hands.

These claw prints rose up in the air and circled Langston. These claw prints would cut anyone who tried to approach Langston.

The air was filled with sound of the spinning claw prints.

The claw prints spun faster and faster. They also shrank simultaneously beside his body. All the claw prints turned into many small spirals and gathered on his hands. It looked as if a small top was spinning swiftly on his hands.

Then he raised his hand and gave it a wave. As a result, the spinning top whooshed over and barged into the flame arranged by Laquisha.

There was a splashing sound as the spinning top collided with the preternatural fire.

Laquisha's preternatural fire could devour everything. However, the spiral made from the claw prints made of momentum was actually a mass of high-speed spinning energy. Once the energy entered the flames, a gust was generated, swaying the flames sideway

er dismay.

"You haven't married into my clan yet, but still you'd be punished according to my clan's rules. Then you'd come to know what the principles of a wife are!" Langston roared.


Langston slapped Laquisha just as he finished talking.

Laquisha did not see the slap coming as she was thrown sideways by its force.

Zen didn't know how to react. He glared at Langston without saying much. He was too badly wounded to react.

Master Evil in his mind said, "You young people are way too impulsive."

Master Evil naturally didn't want him to provoke the playboys of these wealthy clans. And it was a wise decision not to react given his current strength and status. Yet Zen knew he had to do something. However, he was only a soul that was living in Zen's mind after all. How could he influence Zen's decision?

"You disgusting animal!" Langston looked down at Zen and weird claw-like prints slowly popped out from his fingers, making their way towards Zen's face.

Aleyna and Kelsey watched in horror, their fists clenched. Not knowing what to do.

Just as the claw prints were about to hit Zen, the door of the hall was suddenly pushed wide open and a powerful aura rushed in followed by a man who hastily made his way towards Langston.

There was a loud bang.

Langston was pushed back by the loud blast and the deafening voice of the man could be heard all over the place, "I just went to the forbidden land for a while, and you all acted wildly in my territory. Do you think the Han Clan is weak?!"

At the sight of the man, Aleyna heaved a sigh of relief and cheered, "Brother! You finally came back!"

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