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   Chapter 2242 Talking In The Flames

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When Zen was in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, his body had been tempered by Laquisha's preternatural flames.

Because of this, he was valued by the members of the Collapsing Mountain race. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for the two of them to leave the Collapsing Mountain race.

Maybe because the smell of the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance could stimulate the most primitive instincts of any creature, the image of her and Zen hugging each other was deeply imprinted in Laquisha's mind. It was fresh in her memory and was just one of the many indicators that she had been missing Zen all this while.

But she was also certain that Zen was destined to be just a passerby in her life.

He had carried a great mission, had incredible talent, and had great ambitions. But he was now going to complete something that seemed impossible.

Even though Laquisha was fully aware of this, she met Zen again and confirmed to herself that Thad and Zen were the same person. It was then that all her hesitation fell away and Laquisha began to try her best to help Zen.

But she hadn't expected things to go like this. Zen had first killed Sheridan, and then Langston had wanted to kill Zen.

She had told Grant to ask her brother, Pascal, to come over to her as soon as possible. But Pascal had still not arrived.

In a moment of desperation, Laquisha hugged Zen. She then activated her Godly Tile and drew the blue unearthly fire from her inner world, letting the flames envelop Zen and her.

"Oh my God! If she keeps doing this, she will burn Thad to death!" Aleyna exclaimed, looking at the fire in blank shock.

But Kelsey whispered, "I wonder if Thad can bear the flames."

"How can he resist her flames? Have you forgotten how formidable her flames are?" Aleyna retorted.

They were the people closest to Laquisha, so they knew her preternatural blue flames the best. Ever since Aleyna was a child, she had been warned not to get too close to Laquisha. But Aleyna seldom heeded the warning and continued to run after Laquisha.

Whenever Aleyna was with Laquisha, the unearthly fire that she could not control hadn't erupted.

But several outbursts of Laquisha's preternatural flames had left a horrible impression on Aleyna. Some members of the Han Clan had even died because of Laquisha's flames, and there had been a period

didn't you look for me?" Laquisha asked in a low voice.

If Kelsey hadn't gone to the Han Clan's ancestral land and they hadn't encountered such an incident, Laquisha would never have known that Zen had entered the Floating Island.

Zen didn't say anything. Instead, he looked at her innocently, as if he didn't know her.

At first, Zen had intended to deny his identity, so that Laquisha would have nothing to do with it. Never had he thought that he would eventually need this woman to protect him. And his physical body was undergoing some changes as it burned in this unearthly fire. But now, he couldn't deny his identity anymore, since Laquisha had figured it out on her own.

"Were you afraid that I would betray you?" Laquisha asked, fuming.

She did know Zen's identity and some of his secrets, but it didn't mean that she would sell him out to the Hall of Holy Beings. She had no intention of doing that. Instead, she would try her best to help Zen.

At the earnest expression on her face, Zen said in a low voice, "No. I'm just afraid you'll be implicated."

In fact, Zen thought that Laquisha and Aleyna were the uncontrollable factors to his plans. But he was also afraid of getting them into trouble. Because once the elders of the Han Clan came to know the truth, they would not take Zen's side anymore. And then, it would be even more difficult for Laquisha to deal with the situation.

At Zen's answer, Laquisha looked up at him and said softly, "If I were to be involved, I would be in a much better place than the one I am in right now."

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