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   Chapter 2241 Hug

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The three siblings of the Han Clan were now famous in the Time Sea.

Pascal, Laquisha, and Aleyna, the youngest children of the Holy Emperor were all outstanding in the younger generation.

Among them, Aleyna was ranked second among the proving godly warriors while Laquisha was ranked third among the low-rank True Gods. As for Pascal, he was ranked first among the mid-rank True Gods.

There were thirty-six Floating Islands on the Time Sea, meaning the existence of thirty-six wealthy clans. The talents of each clan were not to be underestimated—among them, some were lineal descendants, some were geniuses from the sub-branches of the main clans, and some were outstanding disciples of other clans...

But the three siblings of the Han Clan occupied the top positions respectively, creating quite the miracle. Someone even announced that the Han Clan was about to rise again, likely to break into the top three among the big clans in the future.

Soon after Laquisha came back from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, she had condensed her own Godly Tile.

But it was a very special Godly Tile…

Her inner world was completely different from that of others.

Before condensing her own Godly Tile, all Laquisha knew was that when her body emitted deadly blue preternatural flames, it was completely out of her control. The flame had even hurt her family, distressing her greatly.

Not even the Holy Emperor knew what the flame was, nor could he help his daughter get rid of it.

When Laquisha condensed her Godly Tile, her inner world underwent a dramatic change.

At that time, countless blue preternatural flames spurted from her inner world she had created and preserved. They burned her entire inner world to ash, destroying all its living beings along with it.

It was an extremely painful process—as a girl, it pained Laquisha to witness the numerous creatures that she had created burn down to nothing.

When the flames descended upon her inner world, huge clouds of blue flames appeared in the sky. It was these clouds that condensed her Godly Tile, allowing her to become a low-rank True God.

Countless creatures came into existence in her inner world at the same time.

These creatures were not human beings, nor were they created according to Laquisha's own will—they were all monsters born in the sea of flames and they had no problem living in these blue flames. They began reproducing and becoming the 'aboriginals' of her inner world.

The Godly Tile condensed by a proving godly warrior was usually for one of

the Leng Clan and the Han Clan will unite by marriage. You can die if you don't want to marry me. But after you die, I will marry your sister! If your sister dies too, I will marry your cousin…"

Hearing that, Aleyna and Kelsey looked at each other in worry.

Laquisha's eyes flashed—Langston wasn't someone who would easily give in. If she meant what she said, Langston was also sure to act on his words.

"I don't want to talk about this with you today," Langston continued. "But the man behind you must die!"

"You can have a try." Laquisha was ready to go all out. Zen was standing up for Aleyna and she wouldn't let him die for this.

Lying on the ground, Zen couldn't move as his blood continued gushing out. He leaned against the door to the hall and stared at Laquisha's back, the flickering flames on her hair sending him into deep thought.

Did she already know who he was?

Even if it was Thad who got into trouble because of helping Aleyna, Laquisha wouldn't have been so determined to protect him.

As he was gathering his thoughts, Zen felt a figure flicker nearby. As a gust of wind blew, his heart sank. If Langston really acted to kill him, Laquisha wouldn't be able to stop him.

Seeing Langston pounce on Zen from the sky, Laquisha dashed towards Zen and hugged him tightly at the same time.


Blazing blue preternatural flames swept out and covered the area.

Even Langston was afraid of Laquisha's preternatural flames, his body twisted and landed several feet away. He could only stare coldly into the flames. It seemed that Laquisha's preternatural flames could burn everything. And if so, wouldn't that brat also be burned to death at that rate?

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