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   Chapter 2240 Being Defeated

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Zen let go of his sword without any hesitation.

The Great Weighty Sword flew off from his hand, whirling in the air, and piercing through the wall. From there, it continued its trajectory before smashing heavily into the open space outside.

Two low-rank True Gods outside the hall could only stare in shock as the large sword stuck itself into the ground.

They knew there were some important people inside the hall but they didn't know that there was also a fight so they were quite surprised by the sudden appearance of the Great Weighty Sword.

Meanwhile, Zen, having let go of his sword, contracted his body and rolled to the side.

His opponent was such a top strongman that he couldn't capture his figure at all. Both his eyesight and spiritual sense were unusable to him.

His decisions from henceforth were all based on mere instinct.

As he rolled to the side, a faint figure flashed through where he had been. That figure launched three crimson claw prints.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three claw prints did not catch Zen but were strangely in the air for quite a long time.

Langston stood with a trace of surprise in his eyes. Behind his back was his hand that flashed a faint, cold light. Zen couldn't have dodged his blow but it seemed that Zen had a god's support and managed to avoid him.

"Interesting," Langston exclaimed before a cold smile broke through his face. "Let's see you avoid me this time."

He then took a step forward and his figure immediately became a blur. He couldn't fly as a mid-rank True God but his extreme speed made up for it.

Luck had helped Zen avoid Langston's grasp just now but how long would it last? Just as Zen watched Langston disappear, he gritted his teeth and rolled away again.

However, Langston was prepared this time. Before he jumped, he already predicted the direction Zen would try to escape to and thus was able to make his way there and wait for him. He still stood with one hand behind him, as if it was a great insult for him to fight against a proving godly warrior with both his hands.

He was about to grab Zen but his expression suddenly changed. Langston suddenly raised his entire body and turned his head backward, as if he had been pulled out of the desert. Only then did he stand firmly on the ground as a rough wound appeared on his forehead.

Despite their difference in level, Zen

ed Zen's body continuously.

These claw prints penetrated through Zen's Redemption Armor while the forces inside his body continued to rampage and destroy his internal organs.


Zen spat out blood but continued to roll to the other side. As he rolled, he left behind a streak of golden blood on the ground. The strength hidden in Langston's strange claw prints was too special and his body couldn't bear its power.

Seeing his opponent down, Langston now walked freely and had a contemptuous look on his face. He was just careless before and was accidentally hit by Zen's spear earlier. The graze didn't mean that the young man was more powerful than him. Just as he was about to end Zen's life, a graceful figure suddenly floated over and shielded Zen.

It was Laquisha. "Let him go," she ordered Langston in a cold voice.

"He killed Sheridan, so he must die. You know this. Even if I let him go, he will still die," Langston reasoned. He stared at Laquisha with a sneer. Even if he didn't have deep feelings for her, she was still his fiancee so he still had to listen to whatever she said.

"Be that as it may, you do not have the authority to execute him," she said.

Langston tilted his head and smiled coldly. "What if I insist on killing him?"


A little blue flame rose between Laquisha's browns and swiftly ignited her hair. At the same time, blue flames burst forth and spiraled around her arm. She was entirely enveloped in blue flame as she stood against Langston determinedly. "If you want to kill him, you'll have to go through me first!"

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