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   Chapter 2239 Forced To Kill (Part Two)

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Now, a murderous intent formed in his mind. His entire being filled with fury as he saw his fiancee being attracted to another man. Deliberately, he walked towards Zen, with a cold smile on his face, and said, "I've seen a lot of people who look tough in the outside, but actually turn out to be cowards! Do you want to exchange your life with his? Do you dare?"

"Lang?" someone shouted. The crowd stirred, shocked.

"That guy is a little crazy. You'd better..." someone warned.

"Don't provoke him. Just let the matter go, okay?" yelled another voice.

Upon seeing Zen being so serious, the crowd didn't want to provoke him to do something stupid. Seeing Langston make his move made them uneasy.

They didn't expect Langston's reaction either. Instead of backing down, he walked slowly and deliberately towards Zen and pointed at him. "Humph!" he said, addressing the crowd. "This kind of person probably had a hard time climbing up from the bottom of society. I'm pretty sure he won't have the guts to push through with this and risk losing everything." As he spoke, his eyes followed the changes in Zen's expression.

Of course, Langston didn't care a smidge about Sheridan's safety. He only wanted Zen to die and at least be humiliated.

If Zen dared kill Sheridan, he was doomed. Everyone knew that. Even if Langston himself didn't kill him, the Xie Clan would never let him go. If Zen managed to solve the problem by words and threats alone without spilling any blood, things would be a lot less complicated. That was exactly what Langston wanted to do.

As Langston kept moving forward, Zen sa

w hard one tries to maintain it.


As soon as he had crushed Sheridan with his feet, Zen moved backwards. As he retreated, he pulled out his Great Weighty Sword. Without looking, he swung his sword left and right at everything and anything coming at him.

On the list of the Arena of Legends, Langston ranked fifth among all the mid-rank True Gods of the divine land.

Master Evil was a top-level warrior among the mid-rank True Gods. But compared to Langston, Master Evil was far inferior in skills and capabilities.

The Arena of Legends wasn't the ultimate test of ability. Outside the Time Sea, Langston could easily overpower and even kill some of the top-rank True Gods from the second tier clans.

Zen was unable to resist such a strong enemy.

He didn't use the Emotion Closing Godly Way, but a considerable amount of strength source was poured into the sword strike.


With a blast of wind, Zen's sword didn't land on his enemy, but swayed off course and cut through the empty air.

Langston's speed was beyond Zen's imagination.

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