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   Chapter 2238 Forced To Kill (Part One)

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By now, Zen realized that his involvement with these men would be a never-ending battle.

Even if he defeated Sheridan, someone else would inevitably take his place to continue harassing him.

Harder still, it was verging on impossible for Zen to fight against a True God, even if it was a low-rank one. At his current level, he would definitely lose if he fought with a mid-rank one.

His only chance was to hold Sheridan hostage. That was the most realistic strategy he could adopt.

Although the disciples of the wealthy clans were cruel, they cherished their lives above all else. In their eyes, everyone outside the Floating Islands was worthless. They would never sacrifice themselves for Zen.

And he was right.

At the sight of the fierce expression on Zen's face, silence fell upon the crowd like a giant blanket.

Out of the almost oppressive silence, a purple-haired young man near Zen at the edge of the crowd narrowed his eyes and said in a harsh voice, "Do you have any idea who you're going up against?"

"Of course!" Zen answered, a smirk curling the edge of his lips. "He is from the Xie Clan. That is all the information I need."

"You are naive. His surname is unimportant. What you don't know is that his grandfather is a Holy Being," replied the purple-haired man, visibly frustrated at Zen's complacence. "You know the consequences of killing him, don't you?" he said, louder this time. Zen didn't have to say anything. The purple-haired young man sneered victoriously. He knew Zen wouldn't dare to do anything to harm Sheridan.

After this exchange, the tense atmosphere relaxed slightly. It was like a bomb had been disarmed. The crowd knew that Zen's intentions were nonviolent.

Zen blinked, his expression wide-eyed and somewhat disturbed. "If I don't kill him today, will you let me go? Sheridan has been trying to kill me time and time again, and every time he has acted without mercy. Why can

on, her fiance. Noticing her expression, he could not help but feel helplessly jealous seeing her eyes fill with admiration for another man.

It was an arranged engagement, and they only met twice. Needless to say they did not know each other very well. However, Langston could not contain his jealousy as, distant as she was, she had nevertheless been promised to him.

Langston came to visit Laquisha often, but she had refused to see him every time. Her rejection made him rather angry, and now his anger was compounded by his jealousy.

What kind of person was Langston?

His status, cultivation level and talent were on par with Laquisha's. He could find a partner of her level easily. It was not as if he didn't have other options. Countless girls with the same breeding wanted to marry him.

However, as a male member of the Leng Clan, Langston had factors other than breeding and talent to consider when choosing a future wife. He knew why his father wanted him to marry a girl from the Han Clan. He also knew that a great earthquake was due to hit the Time Sea. After careful evaluation of the overall situation, he was determined to marry Laquisha. It had not been a difficult decision to make, however, as he happened to like her. After all, she was beautiful and elegant.

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