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   Chapter 2237 Threat

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Everything happened so fast that it was all a blur. After Zen used the Eight Smoky Melodies, he suddenly lost his weight and floated in the air like smoke.

On the other hand, Sheridan didn't pull his punches.

The red light on his fingers intertwined with each other as numerous small red rings circled all around his fingertips. A pleasant, metallic clang rang out every time the rings came into contact with each other. When he slightly tapped his fingers, a strange red sword light burst out from his fingertips!

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

The Eight Smoky Melodies was known as a flexible skill in the Evolutionary Universe because it didn't have much gravity, and all the things inside it were relatively lighter than those in the divine land. However, it wasn't as effective when used in the divine land.

After all, the Eight Smoky Melodies was just an ordinary kind of martial arts technique. Thus, Zen found it hard to use it against Sheridan's Godly Way. Sometimes, he even had to roll on the ground just to dodge the red sword radiance, and it made him look very awkward.

"Dodge towards this side!"

"Move back! Move back quickly!"

Meanwhile, Aleyna and Kelsey cheered nervously but excitedly for Zen as they couldn't participate in the battle. They didn't know how dangerous his situation really was, but they believed that he could turn the odds to his favor.

Of course, Zen clearly wanted to do so.

However, his opponent had the advantage since the beginning, so he almost had no chance to fight back. He was even lucky enough to dodge the sword radiance, but he knew that he couldn't keep going like this.


A red sword radiance left a long trail of red light in the air as it swept past Zen's face. It left a scratch on his cheek that was almost invisible to the naked eye, but strings of blood gushed out from the very small wound.

His face remained impassive, but his eyes began to burn with rage.

His opponent, who was much faster than him continuously shot sword radiance from his fingers to attack. Furthermore, he always maintained a distance of three steps away from Zen, which left him no way to escape.

Despite his tight predicament, Zen quickly did a mental analysis of the situation.

He knew that he had limited means to use in the face of such a strong opponent. Aside from all kinds of Godly Ways, the best thing that he had thought of was only


It was why it came as no surprise when everyone wanted to know how he had managed to extend his physical strength.

Even the top-rank True Gods who had come with the warriors all looked at him with utter shock and confusion.

While everyone was still in a daze, Zen's eyes glittered with murderous intent. He grabbed the air, and the invisible hand lifted Sheridan up from the ground.

Sheridan was still out of his wits because of the heavy slap. Now, he looked limp and lifeless as he was hung in midair.

There was an uproar when Zen suddenly launched his attacks. His fingers continuously hit Sheridan's limbs, chest, and spine!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

All of his moves were extremely precise and crushed the most important bones and joints all over Sheridan's body. It was too much that before Sheridan could react or even scream, he already lost his consciousness because of the immense pain!

When Zen was satisfied enough, he threw him onto the ground and stepped on him. He looked around the hall coldly and said, "I didn't intend to offend you here today, but these girls of the Han Clan are my old acquaintances, so I have to step out and help them. If you want to try my strength, I am willing to spar with you inside the Jade Wall of Legends. But if anyone wants to kill me here, I'm afraid that this guy will have to join me in hell!"

As soon as his voice died down, he lightly stepped on the gem mark on Sheridan's forehead. Had Zen used his full power, he could even make a top-rank True God's head explode. What more with Sheridan, who was only a low-rank True God?

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