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   Chapter 2236 An Outsider

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Because the Arena of Legends existed, a powerful warrior on the Floating Island would soon attract attention.

For example, when Aleyna placed second among the proving godly warriors in just a couple of years, the wealthy clans knew that she was destined to be a new star of the Han Clan.

Irrespective of whether they were weak or powerful, warriors could always find opponents to match their level of strength. The Arena of Legends was not only for battles of strength; it could also prove to everyone a warrior's talent and their future.

Zen had also done well in this arena, winning all of his battles.

But he hadn't climbed up to obtain a rank. He was like a ghost wandering around the arena, constantly drawing points. Except for the dozens of proving godly warriors who Zen had defeated, no one else knew him.

Among all the proving godly warriors, Aleyna was only second to Donovan, the little talent of the Jiang Clan. And yet, she hadn't been able to defeat Keenan.

There was a huge gap between the strengths of a world lord and a True God, which one couldn't cross by relying merely on their talent. After all, the energy released by a True God's momentum was much more than ordinary life vitality.

Zen had deftly combined six Godly Ways and attacked Keenan.

It was not difficult to do this. With careful design, diverse Godly Ways would often have miraculous effects. But this move was as opportunistic as juggling, and was widely considered a low trick.

However, no one had thought that the kid could be so fast and suddenly burst out such unimaginable strength; the way he had defeated Keenan was truly incredible.

It was normal for a low-rank True God to challenge or even defeat a mid-rank True God. But it was extremely rare for a proving godly warrior to defeat a low-rank True God.

Laquisha's attractive eyes glinted with mirth.

Zen's physical disguise was pretty effective, but he couldn't mask his character. She had never even imagined that Zen would quietly appear on Han Clan's Floating Island.

"Just as I said, he is stronger than the guy you mentioned," Kelsey said, smiling.

"No, he isn't," Aleyna snapped.

"Now that Thad has arrived at the Floating Island, I'll ask Father to transfer him from the Purple Soul Hall tomorrow," Kelsey added.

"Such a talent should be used by our clan, but I'm afraid h

d him in its shadow. While he chased Zen, he dragged out a number of figures sheathed in red behind him so that it looked like a large group of people was chasing after Zen.

And it seemed that he was even faster than Zen.

No sooner had Zen retreated eighty feet than Sheridan Xie appeared before him and blocked his path. He placed two of his slender fingers on his forehead and touched the blood red mark.

A ray of blood light flashed from the gem mark on his forehead and gathered on his fingertips.

A metallic sound resonated from his fingertips, his bloody fingers seeming to have turned into two sharp swords.

He flipped his right hand and pointed two fingers at Zen, his eyes blazing. Killing an outsider wouldn't give him any sense of achievement. But it would be a great shame for Keenan to lose to this guy, which was why he had decided to help Keenan.

At the receiving end of Sheridan Xie's attack, Zen felt cornered.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

A puff of white smoke rose from the surface of his body, and his entire body had now become light as paper.

Two rays of sword radiance spurted out of Sheridan Xie's fingertips. Zen floated around as if he couldn't feel gravity.

"It is really him!"

Laquisha looked relieved.

She had seen Zen perform the Eight Smoky Melodies. And now, due to Sheridan Xie's force, Zen used this move to keep his life, which confirmed her conjecture.

She was anxious too. She couldn't bear to see Zen killed by these people. Although she was blocked by Langston, she smiled and sent a voice message to Grant.

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